73 Mustang 351 Cleveland Tear Down – Crank and Cam Removal/Inspection

Welcome  to #ProjectSportsRoof and the seeming never ending processing of tearing down the 351C.  We are in the final stages and I wanted to show you the crank and cam condition.  I put together the video below.

 As you can see the crank is not in great shape and the cam is a bit worn.  The crank is going to have to be turned and the cam might be beyond polishing.

Leaving the flange on was a time set back as I had to stabilize the engine with the hoist so that I could unbolt it from the engine stand.  I had intended to drop it on an engine cradle but I hadn’t even un-boxed it yet so I removed the flange and the flex plate and bolted it back on the engine stand.

It’s now clear that the engine had severe oil starvation at some point and this caused all the damage – ring wear in the cylinders (you’ll see that coming up), severe wear crank and main bearings.

It just about time to get this block off to the machine shop.  I’m going to have them do some measurements for me and help decide what needs to be done to save this engine.

I have a couple more posts for the tear down and those are coming up.

Thanks for reading.




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