73 Mustang 351 Cleveland Rebuild – Removal Part 4

We are so close to pulling out this ’72 351 Cleveland out of #ProjectSportsRoof.

In this post I continue to prep for the removal and I needed to do a trial run  fitting the engine load balancing/leveling unit and if I had a enough room to maneuver.

Here’s why:

  1.  First there’s a lip I have to take into consideration.

    There is a 2" lip between the garage and the driveway/car.

    There is a 2″ lip between the garage and the driveway/car.

  2.   The distance between the 2″ lip and the car bumper is a concern.

Not much room

Not much room

Just about 45"

Just about 45″

It’s a tight squeeze.

This is the foot of the hoist.

This is the foot of the hoist.

It's 48" long.

It’s 48″ long.

So I have to fit all of this under the Mustang – BTW there’s jack stands hold up the car and the transmission.  When you lower the arm to reach out over the bumper (damn those safety bumpers) the hoist is pressing on the bumper.

Keep in mind that just past the front tires the drive slopes.  I had visions of the getting the engine out and having to roll the hoist out past the car and swing it around to lower it on to the engine stand and it getting it away and rolling done the driveway and dumping its self in to the street…I actually had a nightmare about it.

So a dry run was necessary just so I could sleep.

Here’s the video:

I’m going to finish up the prep in the next post.

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1973 Mustang SportsRoof

1973 Mustang SportsRoof


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