Project BeepBeep – 68 RoadRunner – Body Bumpers Kit

Bill takes a look at MOPAR Body Bumper Kit for #ProjectBeepBeep and shows a common mistake made when a car is painted.


Bill is correct that the bumper are painted over show an oversight that might just tank the value of your car. I grew up working in my Dad’s body shop and I can tell you that the chemicals in the automotive paint back then and now, will dry out rubber parts, making them brittle and they will crack and break as they did on Project BeepBeep.

Oh, if you were wondering how BeepBeep’s seats came out after the “restuffing”   (:^O)   here’s a shot.  AWESOME.


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Introducing #ProjectBeepBeep – Code H 1968 Road Runner

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Project BeepBeep – ’68 RoadRunner – Door Panel Tips

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Project SportRoof – Transmission Update

It’s been a while but the new career is smoothing out and I’m hell-bent on getting back to my Mustang project.

Here is where we are with the drive train…going backward is necessary sometimes to get moving forward again.






More Coming Up on #ProjectSportsRoof.

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73 Mustang (Project SportsRoof) Engine Dress Up and Venting …

Mar 15, 2017 Did you think I sold #ProjectSportsRoof? Nope. I’ve been busy and I’ve been serving as editor to another cool project – my constant reader Bill’s …
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I like Stats – World-Wide Stats

I like stats!!!

0-60 mph, 0-100 mph stats, bore and stroke, torque stats and the world-wide stats for this site.

I like to take time to thank the viewer from around the world from time to time.

With over 40 different countries tuning in to check of progress on #ProjectSportsRoof and #ProjectBeepBeep I think it’s
cool to see such wide-spread interest.

So here’s some stats.

80% of the viewer are from the US.
3% are from Canada
2% from the UK
1% from Mexico, France, and Australia, Russia, German
Other countries, Saudis Arabia, Spain, Italy, Poland Netherlands, S. Korea
South Africa, India, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, Japan.

And here’s a big thanks:


1968 Ply Road Runner
Project BeepBeep

Neighbor George’s 1979 El Camino

While I’m still adjusting to my new career (putting work on #ProjectSportsRoof on hold) Bill is helping a neighbor with his El Camino.



Sand is a hazard here the great southwest and your engine isn’t going like that!!!

A good fuel filter can save your engine.

When Bill called me to chat about the sand issue, we discussed where that sand might have originated, after all we do live here in the desert of southern Arizona and sand has a habit of getting in to just about everything.  We thought that a Seafoam treatment might be in order, although I think that might be a long shot.  So Bill and George changed the fuel filter and George is going to add the Seafoam to about a half a tank of gas and drive until almost empty, then pull the filter, check for sand and replace with a new filter.  If the sand is still an issue, I suggest dropping the tank for a good cleaning.  

The 1979 El Camino was the second year for the more compact design, based on the Malibu platform.  The standard engine choices were a six cylinder and the 305 and 350.   They had a cost of around $5000.00.

A HUGE, thanks to Neighbor George for sharing he awesome ride!!


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