DeltaWing gives first look at 4-seat passenger concept

With its swept-wing design and narrowed front end, there’s no mistaking the DeltaWing for anything else on the track.



Now the company has unveiled a newly rendered DeltaWing concept, that it hopes will take the radical design and turn it into a high efficiency, road-going passenger car for four. The DeltaWing concept has lost some of the ‘fighter jet meets 80s era Batmobile’ appeal of… One key attribute of the DeltaWing shape is considerably less overall mass, which translat… Unlike the pictured electric ZEOD RC, the 4-passenger DeltaWing will run a small 110 hp fo…The proposed passenger version won’t have the original DeltaWing track racer’s performance capabilities, but it will retain most of the car’s uncommon DNA.

umm....yeah....gonna have to say - don't!!!

umm….yeah….gonna have to say – don’t!!!

via DeltaWing gives first look at 4-seat passenger concept.


I don’t even think the delta wing should be a street car at all and the passenger concept is just, horrible.  Looks like the Prowler only without a full front end.  Ant-eater with wheels!!!   Make a great kids Hot Wheels collectable.


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@DeltaWingTech reveals a concept for a 4-seater delta wing car.

Challenger Hellcat with ‘600-plus horsepower’ – Autoblog

I’ve said it a few times and I’ll say it again and mostly likely not for the last time.  MOPAR got it RIGHT with the Challenger!!!!!  Fiat ownership or not….it will continue to be an iconic car.

Now take that car that you did so right and boost it’s horse power….maybe up to 600 or more…and…well let’s not mince words…it’s a MONSTER!!!  Chase the link below and check out the video, you’ll see what I mean!!!! Can you say…first every factory super-charger!!!

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat with ‘600-plus horsepower’ officially unveiled – Autoblog.

Dodge has officially unveiled the most powerful vehicle to ever wear the Challenger name – the SRT Hellcat– complete with over 600 horsepower courtesy of a supercharged, 6.2-liter Hemi V8. It will be offered alongside the 485-hp Challenger SRT

The new, force-induced V8 isn’t just the most powerful ever fitted to the Challenger, it’s the most powerful eight-cylinder Chrysler Group has ever built. Power figures aren’t finalized, so expect to see “over 600 hp” bandied about quite a lot. That fury will be channeled through either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic. Yes, over 600 ponies through an eight-speed auto. So far, the only vehicle we know of that delivers more output through that many gears is the as-yet untested Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Sadly, we don’t have performance metrics just yet, although if this thing can’t crack four seconds to 60 miles per hour, we’ll be pretty surprised.

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Dealer Order Banks Now Open for All-New 2015 Ford Mustang !!!

Are you excited about the new Mustang?  Lots of people are!!!

The Wait Is Almost Over! Dealer Order Banks Now Open for All-New 2015 Ford Mustang

Ford dealers can now begin placing orders for 2015 Mustang fastback

2015 Mustang fastback includes many new standard features such as fully independent suspension, push-button start, next-generation SYNC® AppLink™ and a choice of three powerful engines

All-new Mustang EcoBoost® and Mustang GT available with 50 Years Appearance Package

For Ford Mustang fans everywhere, today they are one big step closer to experiencing the next generation as Ford has begun accepting dealer orders for the 2015 fastback.

Ever since the world got its first look at the all-new 2015 Mustang nearly six months ago, the anticipation has been palpable. Ford engineers have been racking up millions of testing miles, refining each system to make sure everything is just right before the first Mustangs reach customers later this year.

The All-New Ford Mustang GT

“From the six cities around the globe where we revealed the all-new Mustang, to auto shows to the recent 50-year celebration events, we’ve received an amazing response from people when they finally see the new model,” said Steve Ling, Ford car marketing manager. “This car is all-new with enhanced sophistication and craftsmanship, but it still exudes the essence of Mustang that’s been honed throughout its history.”

via The Wait Is Almost Over! Dealer Order Banks Now Open for All-New 2015 Ford Mustang | Ford Media Center.






Got plans to pick up the new Mustang?  Drop me a note, reader what to hear all about it!!!

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2015 Ford Mustang GT Specs Review

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Video: 2015 Mustang GT – Specs, Overview & Driving …

See what’s powering the 2015 Ford Mustang GT and watch as Ford takes one for a drive around the desert.

Auto Factoids for Week of May 18, 2014

If you thought last week was light…this week is weak!!

Buick became a corporation back in 1903 back on May 19.   It eventually became a major General Motors brand with some great cars in the 60 and 70 like the A bodies GSX, the Wild Cat, and the Grand National.

1903Buickgm_first_buick_1903 1970-buick-gsx-1 BuickGNX


I got the Goodyear Blimp taking its first flight on May 22, 1929.  Still provides some of the best auto racing coverage!!!



In an earlier Auto Factoid we talked about Walter P. Sloan of GM fame, well he has a birthday coming up this week.  May 23 back in 1875 he was born in New Haven Conn.


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Auto Factoids for Week of May 4, 2014

This one got lost. Better late, than never. 5/4/1923 First Le Mans 24 hour race -The original intention of the race was for a winner to be declared following.
Auto Factoids – 1970 Mustang – Ford Assembly Line …

Auto Factoids – 1970 Mustang – Ford Assembly Line December 1, 2010. Today is the anniversary of the assembly line created by …
Auto Factoids 2011-1 Corvette Fuelies RPO 5789E

Good write up – rare Corvette RPO. Auto Factoids 2011-1 Corvette Fuelies RPO 5789E Auto Factoids 2011-1 Corvette Fuelies RPO 5789E Average Guy’s Car Restoration, Mods and Racing 1957 – 1958 saw the use of the …

Auto Factoids for Week of May 11, 2014

Light week this week.


5/14/1969 – Last Corvair build.  If you know only a little about automotive history or maybe politics or the consumer safety revolution of the 60’s and 70’s you’ll know the name Ralph Nader.  With a little Google’in you’ll find various search results linking him to the demise of the Chevy Corvair (and apple pie and America) – most are not flattering to Mr. Nader.   According to most accounts the last Corvair carried 6000 as the last 4 digits of it’s serial number.  The car was blanketed by the press when it rolled off the assemble, but then disappeared.   There are various stories as to the actual disposition of car #6000  but it remains a mystery.  We do know it was a two door, hard top,  Monza, Olympic Gold was the color and it likely had a Service 140 replacement engine.

I'm seeing the Corvair but can't help notice the Nova's on the rail car.

I’m seeing the Corvair but can’t help notice the Nova’s on the rail car.

The last Corvair convertible was #5997 which was a Forest Green Monza that has come up for sale a few times.


The last Corvair Vert.

The last Corvair ‘vert.

If you are a Corvair fan you’ll enjoy this read:  1969 Corvair: Finger Tip Facts by Corvair historian Dave Newell.


5/17/1868 – Horace Dodge was born in Niles, Mich.    Horace and his brother started out working in a boiler plant and invented a dirt proof ball baring and begin producing bicycles (1897).   In 1901 they began production automotive parts which led to a contract in 1902  to build transmissions for Oldsmobile.  The following year they refused a contract renewal with Olds and began producing engines for Ford.  By 1913 the Dodge boys were producing trucks, ambulances and other vehicles for the military.  The produced their first commercial car in 1917.

Dodge Half-Ton Military pickup

Dodge Half-Ton Military pickup


1913 Dodge Brothers Touring car.

1913 Dodge Brothers Touring car.

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Timhorace dodge

Horace Elgin Dodge

Horace Elgin Dodge, Sr. (May 17, 1868 – December 10, 1920) was an American automobile manufacturing pioneer and co-founder of Dodge



Stolen car alert: 1958 Rambler Ambassador | Hemmings Daily

via Stolen car alert: 1958 Rambler Ambassador | Hemmings Daily.

Keep an eye out for this car:

Any Northeasterner into AMCs must have seen Bob Majeski’s 1958 Rambler Ambassador over the last 14 years: In the time that he’s owned it, Bob has put 34,000 miles on it driving it to pretty much every major AMC show in the region. Now Bob is counting on that familiarity to bring his car back to him after thieves took it in broad daylight over the weekend.

“I used to joke, ‘Why would anybody ever steal it?’” Bob said. “It’s pretty much the only one around, and nobody needs any parts from it. And yeah, it’s a beautiful car, but it’s a 1958 Rambler, so who’d want it?”

Nevertheless, after he came back from a drive with some friends, mapping out the weekend’s dust-off run for the Connecticut region of the American Motors Owners Association and AMC Rambler Club, he found his Ambassador missing from where he left it earlier that afternoon in the parking lot of the All Seasons Inn and Suites in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

“I’m floored,” he said. “I can’t believe anybody would want to steal this car with AMXs and Javelins around it. All I can figure is that somebody thought they were stealing a ’57 Chevy, and somebody opening a container in South America will be surprised when they see my car.”

stolenAmabassador_01 stolenAmabassador_02

via Stolen car alert: 1958 Rambler Ambassador | Hemmings Daily.

Auto Factoids for Week of May 4, 2014

This one got lost.   Better late, than never.

5/4/1923  First Le Mans 24 hour race

-The original intention of the race was for a winner to be declared following three straight years of competition. The Rudge-Whitworth Cup would be given to the driver combination to complete the farthest distance total over three years. Unfortunately the idea would be abandoned after the end of the first three year segment, in 1925.

The winners for 1923 were  Andre’ Lagache and Ren`e Leonard and the accomplished that feat by completing 2209.536 km (apporximately 1372.9420186 miles –  🙂 in 128 laps in a Chenard & Walcker Sport with 3-Litre overhead camshaft engine.


This is an awesome looking car!!!

This is an awesome looking car!!!

Originally, the race was held for cars as they were sold to the general public…

...Not so much so today!!!

…Not so much so today!!!

5/6/28 – Chrysler intros the Desoto

Debuted in 1928 and produced for sale in 1929.  Desoto merged with Chrysler as part of the Dodge Brother’s deal and the name disappeared in 1960 and was renamed “Newport”.

28Desoto 220px-'29_DeSoto_(Auto_classique)


5/7/28 – Chrysler buys Dodge – Follow this – Mr. Chrysler started Dodge and booted out. Mr. Chrysler starts Chrysler and buys Dodge.

5/10/23 – Alfred Sloan becomes pres of GM – MIT grad – carried GM through the Great Depression.


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1929 desoto roadster




Mustang Goes To Outer Space Kind Of Brothers Performance Warehouse

Mustang Goes To Outer Space Kind OfBrothers Performance Warehouse.

Here is the video!



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mustang 50th birthday

Ford Mustang’s 50th birthday party swings at the World’s Fair site in Queens

Ford Mustang’s 50th birthday party swings at the World’s Fair site in Queens. The Ford Mustang celebrated its 50th anniversary with an extravaganza at the World’s Fair grounds in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens. Mustang fans from around the …
Your Take: Mustang’s 50th birthday revs up memories

Vrooming into a fifth decade of production, Ford Mustang celebrates its 50th anniversary today and Your Take decided to join the party. We asked contributors to fire up their cameras and share some of their favorite Mustang memories with us. YOUR TAKE: …

Unrestored high-desert Mopars sell for bargain-basement prices | Hemmings Daily

Unrestored high-desert Mopars sell for bargain-basement prices | Hemmings Daily.


Just a field full of vintage Mopar metal!!!!   You’ve gotta love the prices that these car brought.

I often read where automotive writers type, “Where are all the classic/muscle cars?”   They really need to get out more. There are many places just like this one across the U.S.   Take a drive a cross the Painted Desert.  I’m sure I saw at least 10 muscle Mustangs in the backyards, garages and car ports!!!


Field of Mopars.  Someone's Field of Dream!

Field of Mopars. Someone’s Field of Dream!


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Reilly Motorsports’ Street-Lynx Rear Suspension Install

Ok, let’s get overly simple: Your classic Mopar has come from the factory with a leaf-spring suspended rear end. This setup has been installed in cars and trucks since the automobile’s humble beginnings. It works well in factory-designed situations
Classic “A” Body Mopar Enthusiast Forum,, Celebrates a …

With over 30,000 members, has become the largest and leading authority online for information focused on “A” Body Classic Mopar cars and is pleased to celebrate a decade of serving the community. Chicago, IL — (SBWIRE) …

Rambler – With an Eye on the Weather.

If you are over 40, you might remember back when talking to your car was only done to coax it to start or make it to the next service station or when it failed to do either one. Gadgets were limited to a radio with AM/FM and a cigarette liter.

Now days you can give your car voice commands and it can give you a host of information, like my Drivers Information Center (DIC) which runs my C7 Corvette. We can even control the environment on different sides of the car from temperature on down to how much air blows out of your vented seats.

But that wasn’t always the case. If you are way over 30 you might recall the only way to adjust the temperature was to open your vent window.

Recently I was at a car show and if you’re a regular reader you might recall that I love dash boards, especially those that are painted and chromed, I saw a curious feature on a Rambler dashboard(I don’t recall the year). It was labeled “Weather Eye”.

So a little research was in order.

As you may know Nash was an auto maker and through a series of mergers or purchases changed it name to Nash Kalvinater,  eventually became American Motors Corporation (AMC).  Well they were the first to develop a car heater.  Back in 1938 engineers got the idea to run fresh air over the hot engine water and pass it into the cabin.  The air came in through the vent in the cowl and passed the air through a heater core filled with hot coolant.  Later on they figured out how to keep the warm are in and the cold are out, by adding a fan to keep constant pressure in the cabin.

A year later Nash engineers added a thermostat for the first climate control, dubbed the “The Weather Eye”.  Here are some pics:

This was the dash that caught my eye.

This was the dash that caught my eye.

Here is a image from the web that shows a better image of the "Weather Eye"

Here is an image from the web that shows a better image of the “Weather Eye”

Here is a image show the "Weather Eye's" controls

Here is an image show the “Weather Eye’s” controls


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