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If you’ve been reading my  ‘stuff’ for a while, you’ll know that this site is not a commercial enterprise.  The ads you see here are just products or services I like.  No money has ever exchanged hands.  Even the Car Art page is offered gratuitously.

So I’m going break my tradition and add one more ad – mine!

With over 30 years ‘living’ with cars I’ve decided to take my passion to the next level.  As my regular readers know,  I grew up around cars, hanging with my Dad as he worked on ours and working in his auto body shops on and off for all my teenage years.  We did everything from replacement panels to welding two car halves together to make one (a Datsun 510)510 to complete paint jobs with bondo work to painting the Coke swirl on the deliver trucks.  I learned to use a porta-power jack and a slam hammer to straighten out some of the worse dents – acceptable back then and even today.

My first car was a 1966 Chevy Impala convertible, loving restored by my Dad for my graduation (back in 1976).   A couple years later I restored a 1970 Plymouth Duster, with a 318 and three speed.  This was upstate New York so there was a lot of body work on this car.  Next up was a girl friends 1971 Thunderbird, liked that car more than I did her…well I missed the car more anyway.  Next up was a 1970 Chevelle, automatic with a 350 (nothing special back then), mostly tinkered with that and it died on a highway in eastern Nebraska.  After that there was a gap of a few years, while I joined the military, traveled the world, got married and raised a son.

And if you’ve been a regular reader of this blog you’ll know my history with my first Corvette. Lots of work on this first year C4 generation Vette.  I replaced every bushing and rubber component, including the mounts for the transmission, etc.   The work I completed on this car earned two car show trophies (not Pebble Beach caliber – but best in class in medium to large local car shows).

If you’ll took a look at the Mustang tab on this blog you can see the restoration of my 1970 Mustang.  Now I had some of this work done for me, but I kept a close eye on the details and budget.  This included a complete paint job, welding, new motor mounts were need to let the bored 302 to be placed between the finders, custom pulleys for mounting the A/C, power steering and alternator.  I did all the upholstery myself and replaced the original three speed transmission with the a stock Shelby 4 speed complete with Hurst Competition Plus Shifter.  You can read the rest on these pages.

This is a long introduction to my services.  I’m recently obtained my Classic Car Auto Appraisal certification and I specialize in classic, muscle, and specialty vehicles (racing and modified cars).  Additionally with all my experience restoring cars I’ve begun to offer my services as a restoration project manager.

The appraisal service is pretty straight forward.  The project management service is not unique but more then just consulting.  I’m currently managing the restoration of a rare VW bug for a car lover – but not car girl.  You’ll see more of that coming up, as it’s now in the 2nd year of it’s “every bolt off” restoration.  Did I mention two of my restorations won 3 car show best in class trophies?  My ’70 Mustang and my ’84 Corvette.

See more on the Services page or contact me directly.

Tim Sweet


1970 Mustang Mods for 300 HP

1970 Mustang
Mods for 300 HP

Trophy Winner


Two time trophy winner.

My C6

My C6







Aaron Robinson: So Long, Convertibles – Column – Car and Driver

Aaron Robinson: So Long, Convertibles – Column – Car and Driver.

Thought I’d share this article from Car and Driver.

My first car was a convertible – 1966 Impala. It was given to me in 1976 when I graduated high school.  I lived in upstate New York and being young I could squeeze out a good 5 months of top down.   But speeds were slower then and gas was cheap so cruising wasn’t half your paycheck and you could still hear the stereo.  But when it got down to the middle up winter in the Adirondacks, nothing stopped the code from getting in and you sure could tell how light the car was when you had to drive on snow and ice.

My next convertible was my 1984 Corvette, of course wasn’t really a rag top but a targa top, which is a perfect alternative to a folding cloth top and much better than a mere sun roof.  But I know live a weather environment 180o from where I had my first convertible.  Here in southern Arizona you can maybe squeeze out 5 months where it’s great to run with the roof off without melting like a carton of gelato in a microwave oven or freezing your assets off when it 29 – Yeah it gets that could here!  However, depending on how sensitive to hot and cold you are and whether you mind lifting the lifting the top out of the rear cargo area you in the summer time often start out the morning with the top in the back and pop it on when the temp climbs past your liking.  EXTRA BONUS – it keeps the cool air in 90% better than the cloth top.  I enjoy by C6 topless.

Oh, as a side note the C4 top was a pain to remove – the C6 much easier to remove and replace!!!

You might know this car.  Yup my c6.  Only Corvette to show up.


Rag Top '66 Impala

Rag Top ’66 Impala


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2014 McLaren Mercedes MP4-29

How racing has changed over the years.  Now I’m not a big F1 follower although I did drive a F1 at Phoenix International Speedway, in Phoenix, AZ and that was impressive machine – slightly older model.  So I have a lot of respect of them and driving them for hours…well…let’s just say you are going to have be a hard a$$ or develop one!!!

So look at the McLaren’s new offering the shape is amazing.

BexlqMUCcAA_ZPG.jpg large

2014 MP4-29 F1

Take a look at the side view:

Sure is different than those old flat bottomed Formula 1

Sure is different than those old flat bottomed Formula 1

Here are some spec:

Category Formula One
Constructor McLaren
Designer(s) Tim Goss (Technical Director)
Predecessor McLaren MP4-28
Technical specifications[1]
Chassis Carbon-fibre composite incorporating driver cockpit controls and fuel cell
Suspension (front) Carbon-fibre wishbone and pushrod suspension elements operating inboard torsion bar and damper system
Suspension (rear) Carbon-fibre wishbone and pullrod suspension elements operating inboard torsion bar and damper system
Engine Mercedes PU106A Hybrid[2] 1.6 L (98 cu in) V6 Turbocharged mid-mounted.
Transmission McLaren Racing eight forward and one reverse hand-operated seamless-shift Epicyclic differential with multi-plate limited-slip clutch
Weight 691 kg (1,523.4 lb) (with driver)
Fuel ExxonMobil High Performance Unleaded (5.75% bio fuel)
Mobil Synergy Fuel System
Mobil 1 lubrication
Tyres Pirelli P Zero (dry), Cinturato (wet)
Competition history
Notable entrants McLaren Mercedes[3]
Notable drivers 20. Denmark Kevin Magnussen[4]
22. United Kingdom Jenson Button[5]


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formula 1 racing

McLaren M7A

first Alan | last Henry | authorlink Alan Henry | title McLaren: Formula 1 Racing Team | publisher Haynes | year 1999 | ref harv | isbn 1-

Formula One

as Formula 1 or F1 and referred to officially as the FIA Formula One World Championship is the highest class of single-seater auto racing






Chevrolet Chevelle and Malibu turn 50 | Hemmings Daily

Chevrolet Chevelle and Malibu turn 50 | Hemmings Daily.


Hugely collectable with many a Malibu becoming “Chevelle SS” in the 69-72 years.  Beautiful car when they were angular and beautiful cars after they round them up a bit.





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chevy chevellechevy chevellechevy chevelle

Chevrolet Chevelle

The Chevrolet Chevelle was a mid-sized automobile produced by the Chevrolet The Heavy Chevy (RPO YF3) was ONLY available with the base

Auto Factoids for the Week of Jan 18, 2014

Well we just returned from a weekend trip to Las Vegas celebrating my beautiful wife’s birthday. Of course since you see this post, you can surmise that we didn’t come back big winners, but I did bring home more money than what I started with and we had a great time.  However,  I was disappointed, I hadn’t been to the “strip” for a number of years and I was expecting to see some fantastic cars zipping around. High roller – flashing their Lambo’s and Farraris or even a Lotus or a classic.  Nope – not a one, unless you count the Ferrari that sat at the resort the entire time.  Very disappointed.

So back at the old keyboard and here are your auto factoids for the week.

Jan 20, 1942 – Chevy sends it last car off the assembly line until WWII concludes.  The bulk of the last cars produced were, for the time,  the very undesirable “black out” models – where chrome wasn’t used and the cars seemed muted.  But a true black out model is highly sought after in today’s market.

Auto Factoids

Jan 21, 1954 – …… Tell you what….guess what this is?

It’s a gas-turbine engine powered bus.  First displayed in NY on this date. This is a GM application the are others, including a “firebird” and some Chrysler projects.

Jan 24, 1960 – Volvo shows the world the P1800 Prototype.  The engine was the Swedish  B18 and it displaced 1800 cc. Topped with dual SU carbs it produced 100 hp.  The try was dubbed the P1900 but only double digit(under 100) number of cars were sold.  The engine was Swedish but the car was being manufactured by Jensen.  Jensen had quality control problems with the P1800 and by 1963 Vovlo took the car home to it’s Gothenburg and named it the 1800S (for Sweden).

I seriously like the lines of this car!!

I seriously like the lines of this car!!


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RT @Eric_Rasmussen: Talk about a heartbreaking rip-off for some classic car owners in the Bay Area. For weeks, I’ve been looking into… h…



Blaney Talks About New F-150 Race Truck

Blaney Talks About New F-150 Race Truck.


2014 F-150

2014 F-150


Here are some specs:



Race Weight: 3,400 Pounds Chassis:  Steel Tube Frame w/Safety Roll Cage
Wheelbase: 112 Inches Body:  F-150
Overall Length: 206.5 Inches Designer: F-150, Brad Keselowski Racing
Overall Width: 80 Inches Spoiler:  7 “, 650
Overall Height: 60 Inches Steering:  Delphi – Saginaw Steering Box
Ground Clearance: 4 Inches Seating:  LaJoie Seating
Track Width: 60.5 Inches Oil and Fuel Lines:  Custom Cooper Standard
Fuel Capacity: 18 Gallons


Engine Specifications

Front: Equal Length A-Arm Type:  Roush Yates V8
Rear: Trailing Arms with Panhard Rod Displacement:  358 Cubic Inches
Shock Absorbers: Hydraulic, Single Adjustable Power:  650-700 Horsepower
Induction:  Normally Aspirated w/ 390 Cubic Feet Per Minute Carburetor Bore: 4.195 Inches
Stroke: 3.25 Inches
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual
Clutch: Tilton 3-Disc
Compression Ratio: 12.0:1
Engine Design: Roush Yates, Brad Keselowski Racing
Fuel: Sunoco Racing Gasoline
Fuel Pump: Roush Yates, Brad Keselowski Racing
Exhaust: Roush Yates, Brad Keselowski Racing


2013 Brad Keslowski Racing Studio Shoot

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Ford F-150 RaptorTrax is Ken Block’s ultimate snowmobile – Autoblog

Ken Block and his Hoonigan Racing Division have created the Ford F-150 RaptorTrax in hopes of making it the worldâ ™s fastest snowcat.

Color Us Excited: Two New Colors Coming to Corvette for 2015 | Corvetteforum

Well I can say I’m not all that excited about another shade of gray (…snicker) and yellow never has done much for me.

Let me know what you think?

Color Us Excited: Two New Colors Coming to Corvette for 2015 | Corvetteforum.

Another Shade of Gray?

Another Shade of Gray?

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2015 corvette z06

A closer look at the 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06

There is no doubt that the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 was one of the hottest vehicles to debut this week at the Detroit Auto Show, but Autoblog West Coast Editor Michael Harley takes it one step further by calling it the “highest-performing vehicle

2015 Corvette Z06 Arrives Late 2014: Supercharged Callaway SC610 Offers …

Callaway Cars has officially announced its supercharged version of the Corvette Stingray, dubbed SC610. The Callaway SC610 provides an intriguing alternative to the the 2015 Corvette Z06, which doesn’t go to sale until later this year. The Callaway

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Video Preview

some time at Germany’s Nürburgring. We’re expecting some crazy lap times for the Z06; in fact, Chevy’s already confirmed the car is quicker than the ZR1 on most of GM’s test tracks. For the 2015 Corvette Z06’s full story, check out our extensive

Auto Racing Rules – The Good Old Days

Now any professional auto racing event has rules, upon rules, upon restrictions, upon more rules.  NASCAR, NHRA, even local Test & Tunes.

But there was a time when race was simple.

Here’s what that should be!!!

1. Limited to vehicles with 3 or more running wheels

2.  Must derive all their motive power from within themselves

3.  No vehicles shall be admitted to competition which depend any way on muscular exertion, except for purpose of guidance.

4.  Each Vehicle must be able to carry ‘comfortably’ at least two persons throughout the race.

5.  Judges will eliminate any vehicle (TECH CHECK) deemed to be unsafe to operate

6.  Judges will bar any entry they felt was not of “practical utility”.

(Rules 4 and 6 would eliminate nearly all of  what we call race cars today.)

Also in consideration was the practical nature of the machine, its cost, its economy, and it’s general appearance and design, in addition to the speed.  They even tested fuel consumption and efficiency of every car.

These were the rules for the 1895 Paris-Rouen and Paris – Bordeaux races.



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paris bordeaux race 1895

This Day in History: Jun 13, 1895: First auto race held from Paris …

In 1895, a committee of journalists and automotive pioneers, including Levassor and Armand Peugeot, France’s leading manufacturer of bicycles, spearheaded the Paris-Bordeaux-Paris race in order to capitalize on public 
How The Car Racing Sport Began – Urban Adventure Racing

The June 1895 Paris-Bordeaux-Paris race of 1,178 kilometers is what other historians consider as the first car racing event. There were 92 drivers who ran the race. Emile Levassor, who drove a Panhard 1205cc car, finished first with a time of 

Auto Factoids for the Week of Jan 12, 2014 – Ford, Dodge, Caddy

Here is your Auto Factoids for this week.

Jan 13 – Ford figured how to build car bodies with plastic and patented the process in 1942.

Jan 14  – Ford kills the Edsel division by merging it with Lincoln Mercury in 1958.  Although the Edsel division didn’t produce cars until 1958  Ford actually started R&D in 1955, code name ‘E-car’.   They produced full-size models Citation, Corsair, Pacer, Ranger, as well as stations wagons the Bermuda, the Villager, and the Roundup.  Only 118,287 Edsels were built (only 2,846 in 1960) and 7,440 produced in Ontario, Canada. It was voted one of the 50 worse cars.  I  still want one, prefer a two door or a wagon.  Got one you want to get rid of?  Drop me a note.

Nice 2 Door Wagon

Nice 4 Door Wagon

OH!!  Tell me you don't like an Edsel in the 'vert configuration???!!!

OH!! Tell me you don’t like an Edsel in the ‘vert configuration???!!!

2 Door Ranger!!!!

2 Door Ranger!!!!


Jan 16 – A.J. Foyt was born in 1935.

Jan 16 – Chrysler debuted the Omni (Dodge) and Horizon (Plymouth) in 1977.  The Omni would later have the distinctions of being treated to a Carol Shelby maker over 9 years later (1986).

1987 Shelby GLHS - nice looking car!!!

1987 Shelby GLHS – nice looking car!!!


Jan 17  – Caddy shows the worlds it’s first car – where else?  Madison Square Garden – 1903.

1903 Cadillac

1903 Cadillac

Jan 17 – 1956 Ford Motor Company allows the public to buy stock.


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