2013 Chevrolet Nomad Association Convention

VIDEO: 2013 Chevrolet Nomad Association Convention | Classic Recollections.

VIDEO: 2013 Chevrolet Nomad Association Convention

Classic Chevrolet Nomad station wagons parked at the 2013 Chevrolet Nomad Association's 25th convention held in Itasca, IL.Catching a glimpse of just one Nomad on the road can be special. That’s why there was simply no comparison for the emotions of seeing a whole parking lot full of the one-of-a-kind wagon at the 2013 Chevrolet Nomad Association‘s annual convention. The event marked the 25th celebration and was held this summer in Itasca, IL. It featured over 100 1955, 1956 and 1957 Nomad wagons. We already posted highlights and now we’re bringing you the full video recap. Our very own Matt Avery headed down to check out the week-long activities. While there, the auto aficionado uncovered what makes these Chevy cruisers so attractive to enthusiasts as well as took a look at numerous examples ranging from dealer showroom stock to radical, custom machines. Enjoy!



I love the Nomads – not great suspensions (as originally designed) but pop something a little more modern under there and you’ve got a great riding car.




chevy nomad

Chevrolet Nomad

The Chevrolet Nomad was a station wagon model made off and on from 1955 to 1972, and a Chevy Van trim package in the late 1970s and early
Fast N’ Loud

The crew rebuilds a ’56 Chevy Nomad in record time and delivers it to his Mooresville, North Carolina estate. | Viewers 2.69

Parkinglot Spotlight – 1963 Dodge 100

You gotta like the trucks.  They worked their tail pipes off for you. This one appears to be nicely restored and serves mainly as a “grocery getter”.

These were manual transmissions and featured either 292 (4.8L) Chrysler B engine, the 309 (5.1L) or the larger 302 (5.2L) B V8.


I love these Dodge trucks.


Some shadows can’t distract from the this nicely done truck.



Love the Chrome wheel covers.


Massive U.S. steel front end. Just enough chrome for some bling without taking away that “I’m a work truck” look.


The D100’s came in several other body styles including several pickups, panel wagons with either 114 or 122 wheel base.

Cost ran from about $1,468 (basically a chassis and cab) to $2,319.

Got one of these beauties laying around?  Post me up a note.

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1963 dodge 1001963 dodge 100


Engine Tech: Borowski Builds Mild-mannered 427ci With LS Next Block – LSXTV


This is a MONSTER engine.  Read below and follow the link.

This is a MONSTER engine. Read below and follow the link.


LS-based engines have earned notoriety for power and performance while becoming one of the most popular choices for both drag racing and street-engine swaps. They have been strong, reliable engines in most applications, but then racers and engine builders soon began leaning on them with longer strokes, higher rpm demands, stronger boost levels in addition to other traditional paths to power.Unfortunately, these power quests sometimes revealed problems which ultimately prompted various upgrades and a few elegant solutions from the aftermarket. Such is the case with the Dart LS Next advanced cylinder block, a design refinement targeting some questionable design elements of the factory LS platform. The new block boasts hardcore racing features designed to upgrade oiling and crankcase breathing functions.

via Engine Tech: Borowski Builds Mild-mannered 427ci With LS Next Block – LSXTV.


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Chevrolet LS7 427 7L V8 Z06 engine + LSX motor | Speed-Wars

2013 is likely the last year for the legendary LS7 427 7-liter V-8 engine in a Z06, 427 convertible, or any new production Corvette, but it will continue on in the 2014+ Camaro Z/28 muscle-car. 2013 is also the last year for the current C6 (sixth 

Fuel injection pioneer Stu Hilborn dies at 96 | Hemmings Daily

Most young hot rodders who know nothing about auto mechanics tend not to go anywhere fast, but Stuart Hilborn had a couple aces up his sleeve – a neighbor who ran at Indy and a college education – and he would use those to good effect to become a legend in high-performance automotive fuel-injection systems. That legend died Monday morning at the age of 96. – See more at

Fuel injection pioneer Stu Hilborn dies at 96 | Hemmings Daily.
















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Timstuart hilborn fuel injection


“@hotrodmagazine: Stuart Hilborn Fuel Injection Innovator: 1917-2013 – The HOT ROD Blog: http://t.co/LFPW5JRKj5 RIP Stuart

Test Drive: Tesla Model S

Test Drive: Tesla Model S.

Having been available for just over a year now, Tesla’s Model S has received its fair share of acclaim, and its fair share of criticism. So what’s it like to drive this 416 hp all-electric, and how does it compare to other premium sedans? Gizmag went to Palo Alto to find out first hand.

I like the look.

I like the look.
















Have you driving a Tesla yet?  Drop me note and let me know how you liked it.

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RT @OEVAorg: Tesla Model S and Chevy Spark EV Nominated for CNET’s “Tech Car of the Year” Award http://t.co/JsJv1Ltnbn

Tesla Model S customized with 22-inch Vossen Wheels [VIDEO] http://t.co/mXIFwzk9X0 http://t.co/sk6ON8AaqP

One-off Camaro Cherokee debuts after two-year restoration | Hemmings Daily

Originally built as an SS/RS convertible with the 396-cu.in. Mark IV big-block V-8 engine, the Camaro went directly to the GM Styling studios to be customized under the direction of GM design boss Bill Mitchell to help generate publicity for the then-new Camaro. Alterations included split bumpers front and rear, a seamless ducktail-style rear spoiler, a hood tach, driving lamps and a special domed hood fitted with a clear Lexan top that displayed the big-block engine, which had been swapped to the hotter L78 375hp version of the 396, fitted with a quartet of Weber down-draft carburetors mounted to a Moon intake. Turbine-style wheels styled after those used on the Corvette were also fitted. The restyled body was then treated to a custom candy-apple red over gold metalflake paint finish and dubbed the Cherokee.

Factory Custom!  Pretty Cool!!!

Factory Custom! Pretty Cool!!!


via One-off Camaro Cherokee debuts after two-year restoration | Hemmings Daily.


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1967 custom camaro

Classic car 1967 Custom Camaro | All in Pictures

Classic Car 1967 Custom Camaro #2971 Cars HD Wallpaper Res: 736×736, Added on October 17 2014, You can download related wallpaper about Classic Car 1967 Custom Camaro at Carswallpaps.com.