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Let’s talk about the staging.

Most of these are original, but staged (well staged) with some period correct signs, gas pumps and vehicles.

Let’s check out the pumps.

I love old gas pumps.

I love old gas pumps.


The paring is great. I recall my Dad having the oil can holder between the pumps at one of his body shops.


The internals of one of the oldest pumps.


Fantastic Dial Pump.


These are all part of Lowel, AZ. Very cool place.
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antique gas pumps



Gas Pump Collector’s Guide: Antique gas pumps are enjoying increasing popularity among gas and oil memorabilia…

Pawn Star – 1969 Lola T163 Can-Am For Sale

via Pawn Star – 1969 Lola T163 Can-Am For Sale.

A true race car.

Lola 1969

Lola 1969

Chassis SL163/20 was delivered to American Lola importer Carl Haas on June 6, 1969. Its first owner, G Auto USA didn’t utilize the car, so in 1970 it was sold to SCCA racer Steve Weaver of Indianapolis. Weaver drove SL163/20 to 3rd place in the SCCA Central National Division points standings, with two outright wins at Michigan and Indianapolis Raceway Park. At the completion of the season, Weaver sold the SL163/20 chassis to Gregory Hodges, who campaigned it in SCCA California events. In 1973, Tony Settember acquired the car and entered it in the 1973 Laguna Seca Can-Am, where it blew a head gasket on just the second lap. SL163/20′s last appearance in Can-Am was under the ownership of Charles Semple, whose driver Bob Kemple qualified for the 1973 Riverside race but failed to start. After retiring from active racing, the car had a number of documented owners within America, New Zealand and France, who displayed it in their personal collections. In 2009, SL163/20 returned to California when it was sold to its latest owner. He had the car prepared for vintage racing by Toluca Lake Historics.

via Pawn Star – 1969 Lola T163 Can-Am For Sale.


I'm wonder if this is the same one I recently say on Ebay?  Can't be that many around.

I’m wonder if this is the same one I recently say on Ebay? Can’t be that many around.


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lola race cars

Frank Gardner (racing driver)

1971 | European Formula 5000 Championship 1st Lola T192 Chevrolet Lola T300 Chevrolet | Lola Race Cars | T300 Chevrolet | Lola Race Cars |
Lola race cars: Mac McClendon – the worlds most renowned Lola … highlights this wonderful video that looks at Mac McClendon, the worlds most renowned Lola historian and restorer, and give a history of him, the cars and his business. Great stuff.

Read This: Three Chevrolets stolen from Monterey auctions

Three Chevrolets stolen from Monterey auctions | Hemmings Daily.

Maybe we can find this cars before they’re chopped up.

Beware of where your parts come from.

These are the cars:













1971 Mach 1 4 Speed For Sale – Day 1 – Part 1 Ford Mustang Restoration.

These are great to watch –

I’ve been watching these guys for a couple of years.   Watch and you’ll be come a fan!!!!



mustangs restorationmustangs restoration

Mustang Memories – A Classic 1965 Mustang Now Within Your Reach

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Russian motorcycle gets wood-power conversion – Autoblog

This Ural has had a rudimentary wood-gas generator fitted, while an a number of other low-tech, scrounged items make up the rest of the side-car-mounted system. According to The Knee Slider, the top speed of the bike is a mere 80 kilometers per hour (about 50 miles per hour), while the fuel it runs on is quite bulky. Still, if you run low, just pack an axe and hope you run out of gas somewhere that’s wooded.

via Russian motorcycle gets wood-power conversion – Autoblog

Russian wood fueled motorcycle.

Russian wood fueled motorcycle.







Talk about alternative fuel!!!!

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russian motorcycle


Automotive Start-Ups

I got a note from a reader I’d like to share with you.  Not because he likes my site (who doesn’t??….no…no don’t answer that!!!) but he recognized the Parting Out ad and, well I’ll let read the comment:

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So that gave me an idea “Why not give a shout out to all the small automotive company?” To which I answered, “Thanks ddsundowner!!!  That is what I’m going to do.

Now I don’t currently sell ad space and even if I did you wouldn’t see NAPA or Quaker State Oil, but I will place an ad for FREE  to small auto companies – just like the race teams.

You only need to contact me by dropping an email to or fill out the contact from below.

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Drop me a note

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RJS Corvette

RJS Corvette


Thank You – 10K Page Views A Day

Thanks to all my loyal readers!!!  This is a major milestone!!!  10, 319 page reads a day!!!!

With your continued support we have reached a major milestone on Average Guys Car, Restoration, Mods and Racing.

I appreciate all the support and register member from all over world.  Here are some of the top visitors – Russia, Israel, China, Ukraine, France, Canada, Slovenia, Japan, Sweden, Republic of Korea, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, India, Taiwan, Spain, and Australia.  Thank you!!!!!

Thank you and I’ll strive create more new unique content, tips and project as well as continuing  to share more cool stuff.

RJS Corvette

RJS Corvette







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New Monza Concept is Opel’s Idea of a Coupe with Wings for Doors – Carscoops

New Monza Concept is Opel’s Idea of a Coupe with Wings for Doors – Carscoops.


My first experience with an Opel was  in 1984 when I met my wife Jill. We were in Germany and she was driving a yellow Opel Manta.  They’ve come a long way since then and I like the look of this car!!!

Monza Coupe

Monza Coupe






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opel monza concept


Opel Monza Concept: Renversement dialectique à Francfort –
The Opel Monza Concept Makes Europe Worth Saving

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1965 Chevelle Vintage Race Car For Sale

1965 Chevelle Vintage Race Car For Sale.

have a 1965 Chevelle Vintage Race Car. It has a 358 cu inch motor, new clutch, new 600 gear in a floater rear end, new Biulstein shocks, and new harnesses. It comes with power steering and a 3 speed transmission. It is race ready minus the lead. I am asking $6000.00 or best offer. Call 803-730-5844


Chevelle For Sale

Chevelle For Sale








Nice looking racer.


Unrestored Shelby Cobra 260 sells for $2.07 million | Hemmings Daily

Unrestored Shelby Cobra 260 sells for $2.07 million | Hemmings Daily.


That is just a LOT of dough, I know it’s a Shelby and unrestored but that seems a bit high too me.

Let me know what you think, is it worth over 2 million dollars?

1962 260 survivor

1962 260 survivor







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shelby cobra


RT @gloriouscars: ’66 Shelby Cobra
AC Cobra

The AC Cobra, sold as the Ford/Shelby AC Cobra in the United States and often known colloquially as the Shelby Cobra in that country, is an
Shelby Daytona

The Shelby Daytona Coupe (also referred to as the Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe) was a coupé based loosely on the AC Cobra roadster chassis
Carroll Shelby

The purchase included the Series 1 model, but not the rights to produce the “Continuation Series” Shelby Cobras In 2004, after a
Brock Coupe

The Brock Coupe (also known as Superformance Coupe or Superformance Shelby Daytona title 1964 Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe Tribute Car: