A Photo Shoot – Studebakers The GT Hawk!

As promised we are going to take closer look at the Golden Hawk Gran Turismo (GT).

I really like the Golden Hawk it has very cool lines.

I love the roof line and I live the molding on the pillar, just above the quarter panel.

I love the roof line and I live the molding on the pillar, just above the quarter panel.


I love the ‘muted’ fins…there but not huge…The tail lights are great looking as is the slope of the trunk lid.

Love the curve of the fender that are topped with Chrome,

Love the curve of the fender that are topped with Chrome,


The Gran Trisumo emblem it spectacular and I like the unique placement. Notice the Studebaker emblem on the mirror.


I love the way the fenders end in a single headlight.  The grill…well….I wouldn’t have done.  What I do like about the front end are the vents that end in signal lights.


I like indications of a hood scope and the taper for the hood.  I especially like the way the top fender molding has a slight curve and tapers at the end, above the headlight.  The vent  on the front fender is very cool old school!!!

Last but not least….I would not have those wheels on it…I’d rather have steel wheels and poverty hub cabs.

Your thoughts?

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gt hawk restorationgt hawk restoration

Cammack Tucker trio makes the move to AACA Museum | Hemmings Daily

Cammack Tucker trio makes the move to AACA Museum | Hemmings Daily.

These are beautiful cars.  It’s great that they’ll be available for the public to view.

Love the Tucker!!!

Love the Tucker!!!


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More on Tucker cars

1948 Tucker Torpedo surfaces in Jay Leno’s Garage – Autoblog

This video from Jay Leno’s Garage takes a look at the historic, but doomed, 1948 Tucker Sedan.
Automobile Brand’s Of The Past..,: 1948 Tucker Torpedo

1948 Tucker Torpedo. Tucker Torpedo, 1948 · Zoom. Tucker Torpedo, 1948. Tucker Torpedo, 1948 · Zoom. Tucker Torpedo, 1948. Tucker Torpedo, 1948 · Zoom. Tucker Torpedo, 1948. Tucker Torpedo, 1948 · Zoom. Tucker 



A Photo Shoot – Studebakers – Coup and GT Hawk!

It’s monsoon season in Tucson and hence we are in a drought as far as car shows go.  So today was a great day – clear blue skies, with thunder storm beginning to pop up over the mountains (yes we have mountains in Az).

My son is a photographer and I’m a want too be.  So wanting to de-stress for a day I choose to check in with him and see if he had time to drag the old man around for a photo shoot.  He often takes a weekend day and tools around with his camera, which is fun and  with no specific agenda, just what the doctor ordered.

I picked him up and we headed to a park, that normally has an abundance of water.  Yes we have lakes in Arizona (although many are man-made or at least get a lot of help from managed care).  This place normally is home to fish, turtles and various water fowl (YES  we have ducks here too!!!).

As we approached the entrance a car turned out of the park and I didn’t immediately recognize and as we entered the park a see a 1920’s 4 door sedan, looking mostly original.  I was still not sure the maker.  As we entered the park and drove the round to the parking in back I spotted a rare hawk and it’s companion.

Yes that is a Golden Hawk... GT by Studebaker.

Yes that is a Golden Hawk GT… by Studebaker. (Right)

1937 Coup - split rear window.

1937 Coup – split rear window.

Just our luck, during the Arizona car show drought season, we ran into the tail-end of a local Studebaker Club breakfast!!!!  And just my luck – only two cars were left, out of the 30 that showed up earlier and I missed maybe one of the oldest Studebakers I may every see in person.  A 1933 Sedan!!!

I got to speak to one of the members and inquired as to how many were in their club.  He believed that there were 30-40 with a total of just under 1oo exampled of the Studebaker legacy.  He himself owned these two car plus two more.

We’ll take a closer look at these two cars in the next couple posts.

Stay tuned!!

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Just A Car Geek: 1963 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk

This car is a nicely preserved / restored Studebaker GT Hawk. This is not the type of car I would buy, but it’s a car that makes me think… If Studebaker had been in better financial shape and remained a player in the US auto 

Nick Lyons-Young Gun-SM 300th issue Ford Falcons – crcooperphotography

I love the Fords Down-Under.  Check these two out!!!

Nick Lyons-Young Gun-SM 300th issue | crcooperphotography.

Check out the Fords.

Check out the Fords.

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Good ole Herby | come to explore

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Spotted: Jaguar F-Type in the Wild

I saw my first F-Type on the streets the other day.  It wasn’t just a sighting, it was a drive along.

The convertible as white and I think it looked great in motions.  We drove side by side for about 10 blocks and it seemed quick (not as quick as my C6 – had to prove that – without breaking any laws or freaking out the cars around us) and had a snappy take off.

However, with my windows down and my stereo off (that almost never happens) I got a ear full of how it sounded.  Sorry to say I was not impressed.

I expected to have been, with power specs like this:

3.0 liter V6 Supercharged 3.0 liter V6 Supercharged 5.0 liter V8 Supercharged
340 @ 6,500 380 @ 6,500 495 @ 6,500
3.33 x 3.50 in.
(84.5 x 89.0 mm)
3.33 x 3.50 in.
(84.5 x 89.0 mm)
3.64 x 3.66 in.

I don’t know which model I was driving along with, it didn’t like the sound.

We’ve all seen/heard the Hondas and Nissans with the “enhanced” sound effects mufflers.  The F-Type sounds like the Jaguar was trying too hard to create the “muscle” car sound and missed by several octaves (at least).   A baffling problem given such a good looking sports car.

Great looking coupe

Great looking coupe


The Convertible.


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Goodguys Congratulates Street Rod/Street Machine Of The Year Winners – RodAuthority.com

Goodguys Congratulates Street Rod/Street Machine Of The Year Winners – RodAuthority.com.

These are two beautiful cars.  But I’ve been to a couple Goodguy events and I will tell you I just don’t know how they’d pick just one or two as winners…I’d only be able to pair it down to 20 or so!!!!   I’d enclose these two as well.

Troino Custom...great looking.

Troino Custom…great looking.

This should get ya from point A to point B

This should get ya from point A to point B

Love this Ford Coup!!


What do you put in a beautiful Ford Coup like this for power? Well…

1953 Mercury Flathead topped with a 4.71 GMC blower,

1953 Mercury Flathead topped with a 4.71 GMC blower,

Got a favorite rod?  Let us know.

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Oh my god Hot Rod is on Netflix!!!!
Jobs We Want: Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Tester

Our friend Evan Smith, editor of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords, has a pretty neat job this year. He’s working with Ford Racing, doing his best to put the 2014 Cobra Jet prototype through the ultimate automotive test–being driven by an automotive
2013 Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout – Pro-Line

These big events include events such as the Cactus Classic, The Reedy Race, ROAR Nats, and the one that just passed this weekend in Saugus, CA; The Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout. This year marked the 16th year of this 
1930 Ford Pickup Hot Rod – Pure Fun

There are a lot of reasons to build a hot rod and never just one reason. Here are a couple guys enjoying one of the reason. http://youtu.be/XsFBSksOjHU Thanks for reading. Tim

Rally News – articles Fiesta ST Sweeps Top 5 At Loudon GRC Racing.Ford.com

Rally News – articles | VIDEO: Fiesta ST Sweeps Top 5 At Loudon GRC | The Official Site of Ford Racing | Racing.Ford.com.

This looks like most fun you could have n a Fiesta.  Tanner Foust again?   Yup.


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Brittish TVR Sports Car Second Chance – Maybe.

A bit ago I did a 3 part article entitled “Cars  You Never Heard Of!”   In part three (http://wp.me/p2YxYx-Gb) I touched on the Brittish TVR sports car.  TVR engineering started back in England in 1947 with the first TVR being produced in 1949.   The company was sold to a Russian buyer in 2004 and after a not so great start the company halted production.

Now a multimillionaire Les Edgar (Bullfrog Productions – gaming development company – associated with Electronic Arts (EA)) has taken a liking to the  TVR and purchased it from Nikolai Smolenski (the Russian owner) along with the name rights from Blackpool Engineering.

Mr. Edgar wants the car to be a powerful front wheel drive sports cars and is shooting for production with two models priced between $50k – $80K.

Pictured here is the 2015 Sagaris.

TRV 2015

TRV 2015tvr_20-0606









Can’t wait until we find out the engine choices.  I’ll keep one ear on the pavement and bring updates when they are revealed.

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Timtvr sports carstvr sports cars

Arlen Vanke’s “Tin Indian” GTO to attend Hemmings Motor News Conc | Hemmings Daily

Love this car!!!

Arlen Vanke’s “Tin Indian” GTO to attend Hemmings Motor News Conc | Hemmings Daily.


1966 Pontiac "Tin Indian" GTO; Image courtesy of Merle Green, Jr.


Thanks for reading.  Drop a note if you have a great drag race story!!!


pontiac gto drag racing

1969 Pontiac GTO 1/4 mile Drag Racing timeslip specs 0-60 …

Fast 1969 Pontiac GTO 1/4 mile drag racing videos and timeslips.
Jungle Jim and Jungle Pam – Drag Racing Legends | Fast Car TV …

Dodge Neon SRT4 vs Pontiac GTO – drag racing – 1/4 mile race. Added by admin 3 days ago. 2 Views0 Comments0 Likes. Facebook: http://on.fb.me/RHPage Twitter: http://bit.ly/RHTweets (MORE…) Neon SRT-4 vs. Pontiac 

GTS Racing

I was talking with a “new to the car world” friend the other day and he had watched a recent road race on the Speed Channel and was a bit confused with the classes and “what make them think you can run a Ford Focus against a Corvette…that’s a no brainer….” he says.   So I walked him through the classes and I think he understood that they may be on the same course at the same time but they are only competing  against others in the  same class, although they do have to contend with the others.

Last post covered the GT class with the likes of the Corvette and the Aston Martin DB9.  The GTS class is it much more stock and closer to the what you and I will drive around town….well…sort of…!

With cars like the Kia Optima and the Pontiac Solstice (well what’s left of them) you might be thinking yeah…I’ve see those in the ‘hood’.  Well….sort of….

The Kia has 370 hps – yeah…all that from a 4 cylinder aluminum engine.  That’s only 70 MORE!!! horse power less than the Lotus Exige that runs in the GTS class as well.

Optima - in racing colors

Optima – in racing colors















This class also has the Ford Boss 302 Mustang (420 hp), Dodge Challenger (420 hp) and the Camaro (422 hp) along with Maseerati Trofeo Gransport (385 hp) and the Scion FR-S (330 hp).

Maserati Trofeo

Maserati Trofeo

Boss 302S

Boss 302S

There are six classes for GTS: GTS1, GTS2, GTS3, GTS4, GTS5, and GTSU. All cars will be classed
on a power to weight ratio. A vehicle’s classification and minimum allowable weight (as the car
would exit the track with the driver) will be determined by multiplying the appropriate class
weight ratios by the vehicle’s power. “Power,” as used here, will be determined from a minimum
of three consecutive dyno pulls, and shall be defined as:
a) the horsepower value (WHP) from the single run with the highest horsepower reading (for
cars with higher horsepower than torque);
b) the average of horsepower and torque from the single run with the highest average of those
values (for cars with higher torque than horsepower):
The following table shall be used to determine each car’s class based on the calculations
determined using the above methods.
Minimum ratio for                                          D.O.T. Approved Tires                                               Non-D.O.T Tires
GTSU                                                                             No limit                                                                  No limit
GTS5                                                                                  6.6                                                                            7.2
GTS4                                                                                 8.5                                                                             9.0
GTS3                                                                                  11.0                                                                         12.0
GTS2                                                                                  14.5                                                                          16.0
GTS1                                                                                  18.5                                                                         20.0

This all seem a bit formal, because it’s pulled from the SCCA guide for classes.

Thanks for reading.