Curb Weight – 2/27/2013

This is my latest segment.  It will be a frequent blathering of car stuff – current and maybe some old stuff.  I hope you enjoy it.

Bench seats started as the first front seats, clearly a hold over from the old ‘buck-wagon’.  Over the years the  bench was a stable, but has somewhat faded  Well for American cars it comes to an end the last 2013 Impala, which is the last U.S. car and the 2014 Impala will have bucket seats.

'61 Chevy bench seat.

’61 Chevy bench seat.


2012 Impala w/bbench seet and 2014 without

I was really excited to see C-X75 Super Car for Jaguar back in 2010 at the Paris Car show.  The car was to sticker at about 1.1 million dollars. However, it has been killed after just 3 prototyped.

Great Looking from the front.

Great Looking from the front.


Space ship?  Maybe it's butt killed it?

Space ship? Maybe it’s butt killed it?

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They Made How Many? 1916 Automotive Production

This round of “They Made How Many” we get some numbers for 1916.

Not very exciting?  Oh I disagree.  The 1916 Buicks had great lines.  Very rounded from the hood to the cowl.

Here is the Buick D-6-44…the lines just flow:

Buick's D-6-44 From

Buick’s D-6-44 From

The told out put for all of the U.S. auto industry for 1916 was 1,525,578 cars and 92,130 trucks.  Some of those were powered by a V12 (Packard, Enger, Haynes, National and Pathfinder and some were powered by a V8 (Abbott, Apperson, Brisco, Cadillac, Cole, Daniels, Holliers, Jackson, King, Monarch, Oakland, Oldsmobile, Peerless, Pilot, Ross, Scripts-Booth, Standard and Stearns-Knight )

I have to share one more car of 1916 that I thought had great lines.  That was the  Jefferys Special Touring model.  The long hood and slightly raised rear really begs to have headers sticking out of the hood!!!!

1916 Jefferys Special Touring

1916 Jefferys Special Touring

So here are the numbers:

Top of the heap was Ford with  734,811 cars; 2nd was Willys-Overland with 140,111; 3rd was Buick with 124,834

The rest looked like this:

Dodge – 71,400

Chevrolet – 70,701

Maxwell – 69,000

Studebaker – 65,536

Saxon – 27,800.

What did a Saxon look like?

Nice looking buggy - 1916 Saxon

Nice looking buggy – 1916 Saxon


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Cars and Snow

Ye,s I know, you are saying big deal!!   But it was a big deal here is southern Arizona.  Even a couple snow flakes can cause a tizz, that alone two snow squaws dumping  2 plus inches each and then having  cold enough to stick around until the next day.

Vette - Nicely tucked in the garage.

Vette – Nicely tucked in the garage. Mustang tucked under it’s cover.

Normally this isn’t the normal scene, the snow nor the Vette in the garage over night (0nly happened because I was taking the Mrs. Lexus in for service.

Here are some more RARE winter scenes from Southern Arizona.


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National Humane Society Charity Ford Shelby Mustang Raffle

National Humane Society Charity Ford Shelby Mustang Raffle.

Last Change to buy tickets.  Plus this is a GREAT cause!!!

Drawing is in TWO Days.

Common Upgrades For An LA318 In A 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger | Street Legal TV

MOPAR fans you are going to love this article.

I use to own a 1970 Dodge Dart with a 318 between the fenders.  I did a lot of body work to the life long New York State car, but nothing to the engine.  There’s one I should have kept, right along with the ’66 Impala, ’70 Chevelle and a couple others!!!

Some great upgrade in this one.


Common Upgrades For An LA318 In A 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger | Street Legal TV.

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2013 Roush Ford Mustang RS3 – Video

Great looking car, great power and no Starsky and Hutch strip like the 427 R (ok not exactly like the Torino strip but close!!!)


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Build Your Own Engine – Bowling Green, KY

If you’ve read my posting for a while you’ll recall my trips to the great state of Kentucky and my trips to the place the worlds most recognizable car is assembled.

Yes I’ve taken the Corvette assembly plant tour more times than anyone I know, hell when I retired I’m going to volunteer to work the tour route in the plant.  I love Bowling Green!!!!

The last time I visited they were building out the plant for the Chevy Volt and working on the new section for the C7 Corvette.  These upgrades mean more work for the plant and those doing “God’s work” (LOL).

Well there is more.  Corvette has had a program where the an soon to be owner of a new Corvette can pay to build the engine for his car in the Performance Build Center (  That may be the coolest idea I’ve heard.  Well this program is being moved from Michigan to the Bowling Green  assembly plant.

I think that is great news!!!!  You an build your engine, watch it installed in your car and drive it out of the factor!!!!!








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Limited Edition Beetle GSR unveiled at Chicago Auto Show

Limited Edition Beetle GSR unveiled at Chicago Auto Show.

The stripey new GSR secures a 150 hp increase from its predecessor, amping up power to the front wheels to 200 hp, enabling a sprint to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in just 7.3 seconds. With a top speed of 230 km/h (143 mph), power is made available to the wheels via either a 6-speed manual or DSG autobox. VW’s tried and true, turbo-charged 4 cylinder provides the go juice. And unlike the 40 year old’s 15-inch steel rim setup, the new GSR gets serious footing with black “Tornado” 19-inch alloy wheels and 235/40 rubbers.

Volkswagen's new Beetle GSR - only 3,500 will be made worldwide

I think they look “ok” and 200 hp ain’t bad in the little two door.  Can’t owning one, however they are going to be limited to 200!!!