Barrett Jackson – Recap Part III – 2013 Mustang 5.0

Ok now there’s no debating that I’m a two bit blogger with no car industry pull.  So Chevy, Ford and Mother MOPAR  aren’t dropping cars off for me to beat up or even just to test drive.

Nope, if I want to test drive a car I have to hope a friend buys one (and let’s me drive – given my rep it’s a tough sell) or I have to go to the dealership.  I’ve drove 100 miles out-of-town to test drive a C6 Corvette.  You really have to convenience the salesman you are serious and in this particular case I did and the salesman accompanied me out on to highway and on a remote entrance ramp allowed me to open it up.  That’s rare, normally you are lucky if you get to travel a couple blocks and maybe a spirited  lunch at a traffic light.

Ok enough whining.

At Barrett-Jackson the dealerships – well at least Ford and Chevy have a venue set up where you can actually test drive some of their latest offerings.  The lines are long and you aren’t going to be able to drive the Shelby SuperSnake or Z06, but there are some good rides there.  What’s more, you aren’t driving on a city street….yeah…you are driving on an auto cross track – short but effective.

So I got to drive the 2013 Mustang 5.0, 412 hp on this short track.

That did  I think?  That coming up in the next post.

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Auto Factoid for the Week of Jan 27, 2013

Wow.  January 2013 is almost over.  Here is what was happening this week in auto history.

Jan 27 1974- “I CAN’T DRIVE 55”  But didn’t stop then President Richard Nixon speed limit reduced to 55.

1/29   – Karl Benz patented 1st car with Gas engine  1886

1/30 – Rambler debuted   1958

1/31 – Pontiac first 2 door Safari wagon – 1955

I love two wagon!!!!


1/31 – Studebaker – Packard Clipper debuts 1957

I did a post a while back on the ill fated  merger that resulted in the PackardBaker.

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Barrett Jackson Recap Part II – Shelby Mustangs

Perhaps is was my imagination but there seemed to be a lot of guys dressed like the late Carroll Shelby (dark clothes, dark wide brimmed hat).  What wasn’t my imagination was all the Shelby Mustangs up for sale, there were a lot.  Normally, there are quite a few but there were more than usual.

I grabbed a lot of shots and I thought I’d share them.

1967 Shelby Mustang:


Here is a quick vid of them bringing a Shelby GT 350 in from auction.  I had hoped they would fire it up but they were waiting for few cars in front of them to park.

I really like this next Shelby and the color, but it’s not Eleanor:

Here is a custom Mustang that looks to be pretty good imitation of  Shelby:

I like the wheels:

Check out the Shelby GT 500C

A Shelby GT500 E

And another Shelby:

And an interesting Shelby made for a racing team. (I will have a separate post on these in a bit.)

Here is a GT 350T

And although there were many more. Let’s round this off with a few GT500  – WARNING!!!!…some of these colors are ghastly.

You REALLY need the Drag Pack if you are going to show at the strip with this color of a Mustang!!

More Classic Mustangs and some new ones coming up.

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Barrett Jackson Recap Part I

Well once again I attempted to do some “nearly live” postings from the “big show” but my recent move to my own a new domain had some glitches and well  my Android phones battery didn’t hold up.

But there were a lot cars and a ton of other sites and activity.

One of which was driving the 2013 5.0 Mustang with 412 hp!!!

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Barrett-Jackson Car Auction – $4.6 Million

So what  is Black, transports a rodent and is worth 4.6 Million Dollars?

That would be a Ford Futura converted to the  ‘BATMOBILE’.

It was standing room only when  the Batmobile  came to the stage.  It was very cool to see it in person.  Here are some photos.  I spared you the picture of the elderly lady running around in a Bat Girl outfit.  Some things you just can’t “unsee”.

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Barrett-Jackson – 1949 Delahaye Type 175 Saoutchick

I loved seeing this car in person. It is a beautiful work of art and sold for 1.1 million dollars.


You can pop the top off just like my Vette

Great looking Dash!!!

Love the slope in the rear and bright work is amazing.



The design was based on the first post-war Delahaye chassis from a 175 S Roadster (chassis number 815023) producing 165 bhp from an engine much larger than the pre-war Delahayes ran – a 4,455 cc naturally aspirated overhead valve inline six cylinder engine with four-speed electro-mechanically actuated Cotal Preselector gearbox, Dubonnet coil spring front suspension, De Dion rear axle with semi-elliptic springs, and four-wheel hydraulic finned alloy drum brakes. The wheelbase was a whopping 116 inches.

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Barrett Jackson – Mopar video. Turn up the volume

In the staging area.

More coming up!!!


Barrett Jackson Scottsdale, AZ Test,Test.

Mobile Upload Test.  This just a test. Do not adjust your browser!!

Oh…yes…get ready for some posts.


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