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Every now and then I like to review how the Average Guys’ Car Restoration, Mods and Racing site is doing and since the 2012 is winding down, now’s a good time.  This year has been a good one.  In just December alone – (specially after moving to the new Domain) we’ve had a excellent response.  Here’s some numbers

Monthly Statistics for December 2012
Total Hits 35726
Total Files 19879
Total Pages 25003
Total Visits 8239

That’s not bad for only a couple weeks.

The Facebook companion site is doing well too.

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With 64,134  individuals reached.

So thanks everyone for the viewS and don’t hesitate to drop me a note with your projects or restoration tips.

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Welding 101: Getting Started With MIG Welding Basics – CorvetteOnline

Welding 101: Getting Started With MIG Welding Basics – CorvetteOnline.

Follow the link above for a great run down on welding.

Welding is an essential skill for hardcore and even moderate enthusiasts. Nuts and bolts can only take you so far. Eventually, if you’re serious about customizing and fabrication, you’re going to have to learn to weld. This useful skill will open up new fabrication options for your projects that may have seemed impossible before.

While taking a class or going to a seminar is a good idea, the truth is – with practice, patience, and the proper equipment, you can learn to MIG weld in your garage, on your own. We got together with our friends at Lincoln Electric to find out what you should know to get started in the world of MIG welding.

Garage sale Corvette is dream come true | Wichita Eagle

Garage sale Corvette is dream come true | Wichita Eagle.



Inside Moser’s MUSCLEPAK 9-Inch Rear End | Dragzine

Inside Moser’s MUSCLEPAK 9-Inch Rear End | Dragzine.

Click the link above for the entire article.

For a variety of reasons you may need to step things up in the drive line department on your project car to a nine inch rear end. Extreme horsepower levels, the need to swap rear end gear ratios more easily, stronger components, less gear deflection, are all reasons that come to mind. Whatever the reason a Moser Engineering MUSCLEPAK nine inch may be the smart choice for your application

The Car Differential

Sometimes we forget how things evolved when it comes to the functioning of our cars.  Sometimes to understand how they work its helpful to go back in time and view how the problem was solved.

Take for instance this 1937 GM film on how to solve cornering.

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Sleeper Cars

As you know  (I assuming here), a “sleeper” car is one that on the exterior looks “average” (that it’s normally understood as referring to “slow”) under the wrapper, it’s a fire breather.

I was reading a special edition of ……the best auto periodical publisher in the WORLD (normally understood as referring to “ever existed”) Hemmings’ Muscle Machines – All Modified….and came upon an article entitled “Sleepers” by Richard Brigidi.

He defined a “sleeper” car as one with no engine badges, no chrome or striping, but with a monster engine.  The idea was back in the 1960’s as to hide the fact that you had mega HP under the hood.  Of course back in the day, street racing was common (although non-legal – just like today) and often it was done for cash or “pink slips”,  so hiding (or at least under stating) that fact that you’ve got a super power plant would be a benefit.

I’ve always liked the thought of having a poverty wheeled – rubber burner and always had in mind a plain-Jane Chevy Biscayne.


Or maybe a plain old Mustang coupe?


What’s your idea of a sleeper car? Drop your idea in a comment below.

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sleeper carssleeper cars

5 Best Sleeper Cars of 2014

Meanwhile, I put together a list of Top 5 Sleeper Cars available today. It includes a few American-built vehicles, and a couple more coming from cold, snowy Sweden and rugby-loving Australia. Check them out past the jump and tell me your thoughts in


Video: ’68 Mustang Restoration Documentary Tells An Incredible Story | StangTV

This is a great story!!

Video: ’68 Mustang Restoration Documentary Tells An Incredible Story | StangTV.


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Technology – Horse Power, Kilo Watts – What?

1.6 = 0.4.  Yes that’s the new math.

I was reading one of the industry standard  new car ‘trends’ magazines and they were comparing two electric cars (ok, no offense intended but how ‘boring’ is that?).  In the course of the discussion the formula above was that 1.6 is how many kw per hour (kw-h) an ion battery (in one of the cars) carries.  That equals about the same amount of energy  that 0.4 gallon so gas has.

Is this soon, to be the car guys’ discourse?  “Man, I just upped my kilo watts to 1.9 per hour!”  I hope not!!

I am getting older, but no, I’m not a technophobe.  I’m the Director of IT for my company and I use  a MAC and  a Windows machine, the latest I-phone and a fairly new Android and, yes, I have all my music and movies in a “CLOUD”!!!!   So that’s not the issue.  What the hell are we going to talk about in the future? I just can’t see that being the topic of discussion, during a NASCAR race for at the drag strip.

How much of a conversation can you have?   Discuss what would the bolt on possibility for an electronic car, oh….I don’t know maybe a Flux Capacitor to provide the needed 1.21 Gigawatts of Electrical Power? (Ok I couldn’t resist – here’s a link –


Or, maybe, “Hey I just got the new EverReady ion cooper topped E battery for my Prius.”

I’m sure I offended a lot of engineers by this post and guys that love instant torque (hey maybe I’m on to something here….umm…naaah…..) and my hat is off to those chasing energy-saving cars that go fast,  like Tesla’s offerings, but I’ll take good old horse power – gas mixed with air and ignited.  That’s the way to go!!!!

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Got a good bolt on?  Drop a note!!!!

The 302

The 302