Auto Factoids for Week of Oct 28, 12

This was a slow week in auto history.

A not so small feat was the formation of the Little Motor Car Co on 10/30/1911 – The Little was an automobile built in Flint, Michigan by the Little Motor Car Company from 1912-15. The Little first was available as a two-seater with a four-cylinder 20 hp engine, and had a wheelbase of 7 ft 7 in (2,310 mm) . In 1914 a 3.6 L six-cylinder L-head engine was available in a later model that had a larger chassis. This was phased out in 1915 as it was too close in size and price to the Chevrolet Six. Durant merged the Little Company and Chevrolet in 1913, gave the Chevrolet name to the Little car and moved manufacturing from the Detroit plant to Flint.

The Little was merged into Chevy in 1913.

On Nov 1, 1955 Studebaker debuted the “Hawk”.  – Hawk came in the Power, Sky, Golden, Flight in it’s first production year  1956. Want to talk rare cars?  How about the Flight Hawk in the K7 body type – only 560 produced.  The Power Hawk numbered 7,095; Sky Hawks 3,050 and the Golding Hawk came in at 4,071.

Golden Hawk


56 Flight Hawk


Power Hawk


’56 Sky Hawk


On Oct 2, 1935 two debuts for you –

The Cord 810 and the Ford Zephyr

1935 Cord 810


1936 Ford (Lincoln) Zephyr



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Drive By – 1966 Plymouth Barracuda

The Drive By is new way to spotlight cars.  As the name states these are cars that I see where ever I’m traveling.

The 1966 Barracuda wasn’t much when compared to the 1970’s younger brothers.

1966 Barracuda – old school.


Often referred to as the Formula S – 2 door coupe fastback with the V8.  I don’t know if this one was the V8, I would have had to see the if it was badged properly to determine. (Small medallion placed below the ‘Barracuda’ script.  The V8 would have been the Commando 273 CID with a two barrel carb – about 235 hp and a 10.5:1 compression when topped with a 4bbl Carter AFB..  The 6 cylinder was the Valaint Signet slant 225 CID with about 145 hp with a single barrel carb.  They came in convertible as well – only 2570 of those were produced.


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It’s Not All About Cars, All The Time!!



Sometimes it’s about help others.  This morning it was about two local mom’s/wives stricken with breast cancer and going through various medical procedures.  It was about over 150 people showing up with kids in strollers.  It all happened as the results of an idea by the owners of Skin and Body Fitness (Christine and Greg) here in Tucson, Az. – called the Pink Pumpkin Run (running and walking kids and adults) and Monster Dash (for the kids).  Lots of fun for everyone and even this old guy did well.

This my son and my first 5k together and it was for a good cause.  He and I raised $160.00 for the event.
However, we did drive the Mustang there!!!!

So get out  there and a do a good turn.  You’ll feel good about – and take the classic car and show it off at the same time.

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Trucks, Trucks and Trucks

One of our favorite things to do is to road trip and one of my favorite things when we road trip is to take picture of any all interesting cars.

While traveling in northern Arizona we ran across this unique display of old trucks, just outside the Dewey-Humboldt.

Enjoy the pics.

There were a lot of trucks lining this ridge.

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Vintage trucks pass through

VINTAGE TRUCKS: Pictured (from left) are Pat Morris, Pat Vassalo and Andrew McKenzie with some of the machines which are set to be displayed at Lancefield this weekend. Tweet. Facebook. of. ╳ 


Auto Factoids for Week of 10/14/12

This is a great week in auto history.

On 10/14 back in 1965 Oldsmobile (RIP) debuted one of the most advanced cars it every produced. That car was the Toronado. Front wheel drive and stylish looks made this car in the middle of the muscle car, it held it’s own.   The first year of  production was 1966.  The engine was the  425 topped with  a 4 barrel Rochester 4GC carb.  Its bore and stroke was 4.125 x 3.97 with 10.5:1 compression and lay out 365 hps.  It was a muscle car!!!!

1966 Toronado – Kool factor of 8.5 out of 10.

10/14/24 was a huge day the automotive development time line, but no one actually new it yet. That was the day in Allentown, PA Lee Iacocca was born. Savior of Mopar and instrumental in the success of one of the most important cars in the American auto industry – the Mustang!!!!

1964 Mustang

2013 Mustang

10/16/1958 – Chevy rolls out the El Camino.

1958 – I didn’t like the body styles until the 60’s


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Parking Lot Spotlight – 1963 Mercury

Here’s another Parking Lot Spotlight.

I love just about any car in a 2 door configuration older than 1975.  This two door Monterey is no exception.

1963 Monterey  – you can see my newer than 1975 two door in the pic.

Tail light configuration. Love the over hang on the rear electric window.

The Monterey was a large heavy car, even the two door configuration, nearly 4000 lbs. It came in 4 door and 2 door body styles with only about 8000 combined production between the 2 door sedan and the 2 door coup.  (The Monterey Custom had 3 separate 2 door models – the Mar fsback coup, hard top coup and convertible.)

Engines were V8’s, mainly  the 390 with a bore and stroke of 4.05 x 2.94.  Compression was 8.9:1 and managed about 101 hp with a ford C3OF-9510 two barrel.  (1963 Mercury used the 427 in their NASCAR offerings, grabbing 1 Grand National win.  It was the first appearance of the 427 in a Merc.)

This one will need a little work before it’s ready for the track!!!!

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Tucson Classic Car Show Mustang Row


This was early dawn and a few of us early birds already lined up.

It was a great day. Over 400 cars!!!  I had the good look to be backed up to the Corvette Class row and right behind me was a friend with his BRAND NEW Carbon Grand Sport (see it in the other posts).

No trophies today, but a great time and a lot of beautiful cars.