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Stolen pickup alert – 1954 Chevrolet 3100


Photos courtesy Jan Kunze.

Jan Kunze of Oklahoma City recently contacted us to see if Hemmings Nation can help her get her stolen pickup back. Jan was out of town July 10 when a friend noticed her black 1954 Chevrolet 3100 five-window pickup missing from her driveway on NW 38th Street. She came home right away, but all that the thieves had left was a vent window latch in the driveway, likely broken off when the thieves pushed the vent window in to gain access to the truck.

The Chevrolet, VIN J54K011397, still has its straight six engine and wood-floored bed, but has been upgraded to 12 volts and runs a louder-than-stock dual exhaust system.

Anybody with information on the whereabouts of Jan’s Chevrolet should contact the Oklahoma City Police Department at 405-297-1122.

Hemmings Motor News publishes stolen collector car reports online and in the pages of Hemmings Motor News as a service to the collector car hobby. To report a stolen collector car please include a copy of a filed police report, VIN, description of the stolen vehicle (including any unique identifying characteristics), and at least one photo of the stolen vehicle.


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Auto Factoids for the week of Aug 26, 2012

Here are your auto factoids for the week of Aug 26.

Aug 27, 1902 the Cadillac company was founded and on the same day in 1877 Charles Rolls was born in London, England.

1902 Caddy The Runabout

Rolls Royce 1904

On the 29th in 1898 Goodyear was incorporated and on the same day Charles Kettering was born in Dayton, Ohio…who?   Well so you don’t have to GOOGLE it ….. He was a founder of Delco, and was head of research at General Motors from 1920 to 1947. Among his most widely used automotive inventions were the electrical starting motor and leaded gasoline.


English: Charles F. Kettering, pictured with h...

English: Charles F. Kettering, pictured with his first electric starter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



And that finishes up the month of August.

Last chance this month to Win the  1/32 scale  of the 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee.   Add a comment and you’ll be entered to win our monthly drawing.

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Ford Shelby GT500 vs Chevrolet Camaro ZL1! – Head 2 Head Episode 11

Here is another compare between the cars.

Breaking seems to be the main issue.

Funny they differ on which car would be better on the street.

Quarter mile was a blow out.

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2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs. 2013 Ford


Some great info on these two cars. Not sure they should be compared together.

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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1972 Dodge Demon | Hemmings Blog: Classic and collectible cars and parts

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1972 Dodge Demon | Hemmings Blog: Classic and collectible cars and parts.


Demise of Olds – What Happened to GM?

Often a comment sparks an entire blog entry.  Nothing gets me going more than a discussion about US auto makers, especially if I can lay out my thoughts about “what’s happened to (insert brand here)”.

In a comment to my Auto Factoids for the Week of Aug 19, 2012 ( Bill wrote:

“If I were in charge of GM, I would not have left Oldsmobile for death. I liked the idea of ‘Saturn-izing’ Olds into a Lexus level car. There might have been only one, or two models under the Olds badge, but I would not have left the world’s oldest car company for dead.

Oldsmobile was GM’s ‘experimental’ division both in terms of engineering and product marketing. Many automotive firsts such as automatic transmission (Hydramatic), OHV V8s, and even the ‘self winding’ car clock……….Which brings me to the time I find myself saying in many of my comments in your BLOG:
“What happend to GM????””

I’ve mentioned this before,  it never really made any sense to me why you would have so many divisions in a car company as GM did. Some say, it was to offer different levels of options that were affordable on up to expensive.  But lets take the Chevrolet for instance. At one time they had the Biscayne, Belair, Impala and Caprice (and I think that was the correct order from lowest optioned to the highest) as option levels and pricing to reach everyone. This doesn’t seem too bad. But now add in  the other divisions with Chevy being the lowest, then there’s Pontiac, Buick, Olds, and Caddy and I think that would be the correct order for options and pricing as well.  A further break down in what as suppose to be different classes of automobile for different classes of society was the norm for those divisions as well.  For example the Tempest and La Mans, GTO were basically  the same car with different options.

I understand brand/model loyalty, especially at the initial merging/acquisition of a brand, but at some point that stopped being the only valid reason for keeping them separate.  By the time the ’70s and ’80s rolled around they all started looking the same.  For example take the Chevy Monte Carlo for 1978 and compare with the Buick and Olds of the same year:

78 Buick Regal

78 Chevy Monte Carlo

1978 Olds Cutlass

Minus the big tires on the Olds, tell me why I should purchase one over the other or purchase one at all (beside the fact they were fairly ugly)?

Frankly, I would have kept Pontiac over Olds any day but then again the difference between a Camaro and a Firebird in 2000 wasn’t much -but they are both gone now.

2000 Firebird

2000 Camaro

There just wasn’t much different.  They diluted the brand and it became impossible to find any major differences – unless you were a gear head and most consumers were not.

The necessity to cut cost and share parts made it nearly mandatory to have them all made from the same cookie cutter.

Now don’t get me started on the purchase of oversea brands and becoming a finance/mortgage company to defray cost.  (Did you know that at one time GM did more business in home/real estate loans then they did with their core car brands?

I rest my case.


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Mustang II Daries 4

Now for Some Tunes

My car came with the standard AM radio, but around here, there aren’t any music stations on AM, just talk shows, so I needed to upgrade.
I wanted a 70s look and feel, so I bought a working 8-track AM/FM from another Mustang II owner. I also bought a new antenna off eBay because the one I had was all rusty.
My dad and brother weren’t available to help on this project and back then I wasn’t confident enough to attempt it myself, so I took everything to Best Buy and asked if they could do it. You can imagine their reaction when I showed up with a 77 Mustang and an 8-track player and one in-dash speaker! But they were up to the challenge (and promised to be careful) and they did an awesome job. Looking back, I can’t believe I want to BEST BUY, but it all turned out OK. Whew!
Eventually I was able to track down on eBay a sealed Ford demo 8-track from 1977 that came with the new models for that year that showed people how 8-tracks worked. It’s a neat piece to have with the radio.
Update: The one speaker in the dash has started to go out on me, so I’m hoping to replace it this summer (2010). I’ll try this project myself, so if you have any tips for me, let me know!

Auto Factoids for the Week of Aug 19, 2012

Slow week this week in auto history.

This Tuesday, Aug 21 in 1897 Olds Motor Vehicle Co. incorporated.  Over 110 year later they produced their last car.

Here’s what the 1987 Olds looked liked.

The last Olds to come of the line forever was 2004 Alero RE. THE END!


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This month:

1/32 scale 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee (new in the box)

1949 Mercury Coupe Custom For Sale

I have an acquaintance in the great state of Texas and contacted me and wants to sell his 1949 Merc Coupe.  So I’m going to list here and you can contact me directly for any more information.

I think this car is a beauty.

1949 Merc Custom For Sale

Some spec:

1972 GTO  Frame, Front end, Drive train and rear end.

Bagged suspension that rises and lowers – on board compressor and tank

Power steering and Title Iddit steering column and custom steering wheel.

Rebuild 350 GTO engine with Tri-Power 3 Duce Carbs) and Lunati street/strip cam.

Rebuild 350 Automatic Trans w/2600 stall converter – column shift with oil cooler

Custom PPG Black Hot Rod flat paint with flames and pin striping.

Full set of gauges


and a lot lot more!!!  (see the image below).

Great looking coupe!!!

Art Work

Rear Art

Very Unique details!!!

Ok…..hold your breath for this next pic!!!!

OH….YES!!!! That’s Tri-POWER!!!!! Art on the hood and art under the hood!!!!

Custom Interior – On comfy Lincoln Seats – Diamond Tuck Upholstery

Here is the entire list of EXTRAS!!!

Many details here like Dual Electric Antenna, Dual exhaust w/Flo Masters mufflers, Lake pipes – still need the Y to connect up to the exhaust….read on!!!

You can contact me directly at (I’m filtering out the ‘crazies’ before I pass them on.)

IT IS A STEAL AT  $32,500!!!!!

You know you want this car!!!!

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Engine Pic

Check out this 512!!!

OH MY!!!



In this!!!!

1965 Dodge Coronet


Oh in case you were wondering.   It’s for sale here:


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