A Little C3 and C4 Covette Action from Corvette Pals

This is what I like, a Give-Away that results in some KOOL, pics and vids.

What I was looking for was some action shots for C3, C4 and C5 Vettes and I’m sure you’ll agree that these are pretty good entries.

This is Tony Z's C4 Burn. Now that is some smoke action!! We'll call him Crazy Tony Z!!!!

Do don't get to do this often. Don H. doing hot laps at Watkins Glen!!!!

This next on is the maybe the hot’s C4 burn out I’ve seen

This is Doug B. C4, which is gonna need some new rubber!!!!


The only C3 entry was Roy O.  You’ve seen some of his vids here, but you are going to LOVE this one.  This is Roy’s C3.

[vodpod id=Video.16152592&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

Roy’s C3, posted with vodpod

Roy’s C3, posted with vodpod

We measured the winners were Don and Doug with the highest numbers of Likes on my companion Face Book Page :


They each picked up an original C4 dealership promo model.

Much Fun!!!

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Parking Lot Spot Light 74 Impala

Right on the verge of the gas crisis, the ’74 models were a mixed bag of old school horsepower and new school power choking fog reduction hardware.  This Impala was in fact still a V8 with the power of the a 1960’s 6 cylinder.

Now I love the Impala models and if you’ve read a recent post I wrote I think 4 doors are under valued and with the right tweaks can achieve the power desired to make them a muscle car.

This Chevy was sitting outside a local CVS store with a for sale sign.

4 door with stamped steel wheels and poverty hub caps


Still sporting chrome bumpers



I like the plain jane hood and front end.





Parking Lot Spotlight – Hot Dog!!

Ok..this isn’t your average find.

I’m not sure what year it.  You couldn’t really tell by the headlights or tail lights.  But one doesn’t often see one of these in this condition too often.

One of a kind.


Back of the Bun!!


The interior was set up like a tour bus.


What I can tell you is that the big dog is resting what appears to be a Chevy Dually pick up truck bed.  According to the sign it’s powered by a 5700 6.0 Vortech Chevy engine.

Chevy Engine


I guess we’ll just have to relish it.


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Corvette C4 Give-Away Promo

Let’s do another Give-Away.

This one is for the C4 crowd (You digging this one Tony Z.?)  There will be two winners one from Corvette Pals and one from my blog.  Here is what I’m looking for.  I use to auto cross my 1984 Crossfire (still do SCCA with my C6) and I love to see the C4 in action.

So post of a video of your C4 in action (action photos are ok too!) – Nothing illegal (snicker) or unsafe, mind you.  Burn outs, auto cross, drag strip…Looking for some action shots.  Post them up at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Average-Guys-Car-Restoration-Mods-and-Racing/185827701454279 and mention The Average Guy’s Car Restoration, Mods and Racing blog.

OH…what’s the prize?  How about a 1984 Red Corvette promo model in the original box or a 1984 Silver C4?  These are the model cars the dealerships give away.   Can’t win if you don’t play…can’t win if you ain’t got a C4!!!!  Game on!!!

1984 Silver C4 Promo Model - Yes those are Mustangs in the back ground!!!


1984 Red C4 Corvette.


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AutoRama Pittsburgh- Part II

You are going to like this pics from Red Stripe Adventure’s blog. The lowered Lincoln in stealth black and you have to agree that Hudson looks great – in spite of the WWII aircraft theme.
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Barrett-Jackson and Karl Kustom Corvettes

Not only is there a ton of beautiful cars at Barrett-Jackson auctions, there are also a lot of venders.  Anything from car care products, to engine builders to custom building shops.

One of those was Karl Kustom Corvettes located in Des Moines, Ia.  I had a chance to speak with Jim Hidy one of the reps for Karl Kustom at the auction this past January.



Nice looking car, yes?  HELL YES.  But there some interesting things I didn’t know about these custom Vettes and how they are made.

I spoke with Jim at length and I have to tell you that how I thought these were made wasn’t even close and how they are made was pretty surprising to me.  Jim set me straight.

Great Creation


These are of course C6 machines with the look of the  60’s Vettes.  All the great handling and power of the C6 underpinning and classic looks.  I thought ‘how cool they manufacture a body that snaps on the C6 frame.  But that’s not how it’s done.

More coming up in Part 2.

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Hurst Competition Plus Shift Kit – Installation of Backup Light Switch – Pt2

So I’ve gotten the new electrical connection installed on the  switch.  I now need to cut off the old switch and strip the wires.

Ya know it’s hard to take a video while you a squeezed under a car on jack-stands!!!

In this video you can see the striped wires.

Installing the bracket was easy enough except that it wasn’t formed properly and had to be bent.  Keep in mind this is not ‘harden’ steel and too much bending will weaken it and when the reverse lever comes back will just push the bracket backward and not allow the button to be depressed enough to make contact and complete the circuit and turn the backup lights on.

Here it is all installed.

Here it is with the car in the reverse position. You can see the button depressed.

Here is a video shot.

And the intended results:

Now I’d love to tell you that all was well, however remember the bolt and the Sharpie mark I made on it so that I could gauge how far to screw it back in?

Well I was still pretty happy with the progress and I took the car off the jack-stand and started her up and backed out of the garage.  That went well, but there didn’t seem to be a first gear once I decided to pull the car forward, nor second gear.  She isn’t going to move.

So I’ve got the car out of the garage and right at the edge of the drive on the driver’s side. I have to get under the car and tighten that bold a few more turns.  I end up laying partially on the drive way, partially on the rocks (we don’t have grass in your yards here..we have small, gather in you pants when you are laying on them, sharp rocks) and partially on one of your shrubs.  Ok, lets not forget the glowing hot Hooker header pipes..yeah…just back out of the garage…no worries the hair on my arm will grow back.  Any way,  I tighten it just enough to get the car to go into second gear and pull it back into garage.

It had to go back up on the jack-stands for more adjustments, and I had to the switch off once to make adjustments to the bracket.  But success was achieved!!!!!

How I measure success!!!

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