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A conversation with Jim Hidy from Karl Kustom Corvettes.

Give-Away  Contest –  1934 V- Ford Deluxe Roadster and 1932 V8 Ford Convertible.


PodCasts Update

More from Barrett Jackson.


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Buy Your Classic Car Now.

Sometime planning ahead is a good idea.  So want to buy a car now that will sure to be a classic?  What would you buy?

Here is what Hagerty’s has to recommend. 

1)      Buick Regal, $32,535. Buick, he says, “is doing it with the Regal GS”;

I'm not feeling this one.

2)      Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca Edition, $48,100. “A beast on the track, yet tame enough to drive on the street”;

That is a no brainer!!! I'll take two, one to drive now and one to put way and drive when I'm 70.

3)      Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, $61,785. “Rugged, go-anywhere looks” but “performance characteristics that would earn respect on a race track”;

$62K for a Jeep? You better hope it becomes collectable...I'll pass.

4)      Fiat 500 Abarth, $22,000. “Small but wicked,” and already having buyers lining up;

Sigh...I doubt it.

5)      Volkswagen Golf R, $36,000. A “pocket rocket…geared towards someone who enjoys driving”;

As collectable as the VW Rabbit Diesel!!! Wait..there's more..it comes in a 4 Door too!!

6)      Porsche 911, $82,100. A car to buy now and lovingly keep, “holding its value over the long-term”;

Can't argue with this one.

7)      Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, $54,095. “Old school muscle is alive and well”;

Sure this one is on the list..but I'd op for the COPO race ready.

8)      Nissan GTR Black Edition, $95,100.  The car that today’s young videogamers will crave “years down the road after their student loans are paid off”;

I don't know.This will be collectable..like the an old Nash-Rambler.

9)      Dodge Charger SRT8, $46,795.  Won over by the “performance pages” on the video display that constantly update driver on performance;

Possible but I'm betting the Challenger will be the one folks will covet.

10)   Audi TT RS, $56,850. “A car with global appeal (that will keep) global demand several decades down the road.”

I can see why this one made the list. Not as Iconic as the Porsche, however.

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The Value of 4 Door Collector Cars (And my 500th Post)

This is my 500th post for Average Guy’s Car Restoration, Mods and Racing blog (my one and only blog).  It has become a bit more board in scope than what I originally intended, but if you are a total car nut case, like me (my wife uses the “o’ word)  and have AADD (automobile attention deficit disorder…..HEY..that could be REAL…you don’t know that it’s NOT!!) you want more than just a Chevy or more than just 1950’s cars.  You’ll be drawn to others. (“Drawn” makes it sound like a slow process…but picture a disco era strobe light…yeah that’s a but closer to what I’m trying to describe.)  I’ve moved fairly close to the edge, having a ’70’s car and a 2007 model and mixing technologies and brands, Ford and Chevy. (I need a MOPAR and a Citroen.)

Of course one of the fun things that keeps me blogging are comments, not so many posted here, but a ton on Facebook and Twitter and now even Google+.  I like when a reader’s comment sparks a blog entry instead of just sitting there.  That brings me to the subject of this piece.

Bill is a frequent reader and leaves comments on a regular basis.  In my recent entry on the 1957 DeSoto Adventurer sold at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, last weekend Bill wrote this:

Submitted on 2012/01/28 at 6:12 pm

DeSoto was Chrysler’s Oldsmobile, and I think it was unappreciated both by the public and Mother Mopar herself.

Back when I lived in San Jose, CA (actually Santa Clara) in the early 1990s, there was a 1957 Adventurer 4 door parked in a driveway with four flat tires in a neighborhood near mine. I think the car had been registered last in 1979. The body, chrome, glass, and even the interior seemed in excellent condition, yet I knew the car needed more than just TLC to become roadworthy. Each time I passed that car I wanted to leave a note and see if I could get it cheap enough to restore.

I know that 4 door DeSotos would not be collectible, or bring the big money, but somehow this car seemed to be in good enough shape that it was worth saving from being just a donor parts car. I’ll be in San Jose on business soon, and will make it a point to drive by and see if the car is still there.

Have a nice day, Bill

It’s true that in the past 4 door versions of classic cars of the 50’s and 60’s lagged as far as pricing and collectivity.  But that is changing.  I as work to finish up my classic car auto appraisal certification, I’m finding that, much like the cars of 1910-1940’s, 2 extra doors aren’t hurting the price they’ll bring. Just take the trend of station wagons – sure at Barrett Jackson’s you’ll only see the two door(plus tailgate) and they’ll bring ‘bigger’ money, but 15 years ago, only crazy people had wagons restored. But the prices for cars like the Pontiac Safari wagon and the Buick Vista Cruiser (Sports wagon) are bringing higher prices. (Actually I think it was Olds Vista Wagon and Buick Sports Wagon.)

58 Safari Wagon

69 Buick Sports Wagon

I’m still quoted as saying that my Mustang, because it’s a coupe and not a fast back or a sports roof, will never to be worth what I’ve spent in restoring it.  Interestingly enough, you can start finding them on the web and Ebay for $16k.  One recently sold for a bit more than that and it to was a 302 with 351 heads and a wing.  So these things are changing.  Publications like Hemmings and others are often recommending the purchase of 4 door 50’s and 60’s cars.  In part because they are well priced and with the after-market bolt ‘ons’ and drop in crate motors, you can take what was originally under powered 4 door and make it a rubber melting monster.

So go get those 4 doors.  Winch them out of the barns and ditches, drag ’em home, restore them back to life and drive ’em!!!!

And I hope that Bill’s DeSoto (see I already have him owning it) is still there and at the least can grab us a few pics.  And if you can get some contact info for the owner, I might add a pre-MOPAR to my driveway.  Thanks for the comment Bill.

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COPO Camaro Display at Barrett-Jackson

In an earlier post (COPO IS BACK!! The Camaro As it was Meant to Be!!  http://wp.me/pKHNM-O2) I showed a video and wrote about the Camaro.

As luck would have it there was a display for this monster at the auction last weekend.  Here are some vids.  Love the Holley intake.

This ain’t no carb breather!!!

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Vintage Porsches and VWs – Car Show

Some great Vintage cars.


Vintage Stony 2012

Posted by Malc on January 2, 2012


As it was a nice day, and the sun was threatening to make an appearance, I decided to pay a visit the the new-years day classic car show ‘Vintage Stony 2012′.

I’d been thinking of dragging my beetle out of hibernation early for this one but as I was a little late getting up, it remained in the garage.

I think this may be the third year that the new years day show in Stony Stratford has been held, and the first time I’ve made it along. I was surprised how busy it was, both car parks were already full and there were lots of people walking around by eleven o’clock when I got there.

Not too may Volkswagens around though. A few nice split screen vans and some Porsches, also a Tatra which was nice to see out and about. I’ve posted some pictures of the VWs and Porsches plus there are more pictures of other marques on Flickr.

So What Did it bring at Barrett Jackson? – 1957 DeSoto Adventurer

This fantastic car sold for  $225,500.00.  See pic and video blow.
Year: 1957
VIN: 50417567
Exterior Color: GOLD
Interior Color:
Cylinders: 8
Engine Size: 345

The 345



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Sites and Sounds at Barrett-Jacksons Scottsdale, Az 2012

Sit back and crank up the sound….you are gonna love hearing this Camaro!!


[vodpod id=Video.16015390&w=425&h=350&fv=file%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fvid299.photobucket.com%252Falbums%252Fmm296%252Ftimsweet2200%252FVIDEO0100.mp4]


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Model Car 1965 Ford Thunderbird

If I were able to collect any number of cars, I’d need 3 football fields just to park them side by side and end to end (length and width).  Since I don’t have that kind of acreage, I collect a few die-casts, mainly from the Danbury Mint and 1/8 or 1/24 scale.

Here are a few pics of my 1965 T-Bird:

1965 T-Bird


Love the white walls and red stripe tires.


Tails lights are great.


The detail is pretty good.  In the first image you can see all the trunk hardware.

I’m not a photographer and got some tips from my son.

Drop a note if you have a die-cast collection.

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Barrett-Jackson – Car Art 2

This is one of my favorite photos thus far (with over 600 to look at it’s gonna take a while).

This is my son’s shot of a 1956 BelAir.


Bel Air side molding.


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TrackVids Racing4Vets – BWM

Got this from my circle over on Google Plus:

Lawrence – the Beamer is Looking good.

Hey everybody, just a quick update on the TrackVids Racing4Vets BMW E30 325 ground up build. Here are a few photos of the cage and interior paint work. Very clean, very tidy, gonna be lots of fun!

BMW Shell getting some paint.

Interior Sprayed

Cage shot

Can’t wait to see it done.

Thanks for reading.  Here is their Site:    https://plus.google.com/u/0/112504538024847827140/posts