$3 Million 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake

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With the upcoming release of the Shelby GT500 Super Snake many people will have an opportunity to put on of these limited edition Shelby’s inside their garage. It’s quite the opposite for the 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake as the person who wins this ebay auction for the only 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake ever produced will have the ultimate limited edition Mustang. The 1967 Shelby Super Snake sports a 427ci V8 with 520 horsepower, a 170 mph top speed and unique triple stripes. The ebay auction is set to end in a week. Check out the pictures after the fold.

1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake





Car Sounds

People love to talk about car sounds. We even mimic them. They can bring back memories of a car you or a family member owned.  They can refresh visual memories of a race you attended or even participated in.  They also bring back memories of a not so nice incident.

I can recall each sound in separate wave lengths in my first car accident, I was actually on my way to take my drivers test.  I was driving my father’s brand new Ford Granada (he worked at a Ford dealership as body shop manager).  The car was totaled, the other driver ticketed.  A quick car swap and I went on to pass my test.

There are a few more sounds I remember.  I remember my high school buddy’s 1973 Mach I, normally as he dusted me in my ’66 Chevy Impala an awesome noise that Mustang made.  There was there the sound of the V8 under the hood of my Chevy – smooth but still throaty. (I don’t know if that’s even a work..but I’ll hustle over to Wikipedia and add it.)

But the other day was watching one of the Jason Borne movies and of course the there are the normal car chases.  He was driving a little mini cooper and within all the metal crunching and tire squealing, there was one sound, at pause in the chase when he shifted that Mini and the sound the transmission made, triggered  a memory.

In 1982 I was stationed in Germany and when I eventual got my European drivers license, the first car I could afford was a 1970 European Ford Escort.  It was a 3 speed  manual, shift on the flour and the sound of the transmission shifting in Jason’s Mini Cooper brought back that memory of my first European car.

My First European Car

Of course it didn’t have the pep that the Borne Cooper had, but it got me around.

Post up a note about a car sound that sparks a memory for you.  Best one wins a free gift.

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Car Production Numbers. They Made How Many? 1951

Over 5.5 million car produced in 1951.

Of the 20 solid car manufacturers only 2 were over 1 million cars, 14 in six figures.  Here is how they broke out.

Chevy – 1,229,986

Ford – 1,013,381

Plymouth – 611,000

Buick – 404,657

Pontiac – 370,159

Mercury – 310,387

Dodge – 290,000

Oldsmobile – 285,615

Studebaker – 246,195

Nash – 205,307

Chrysler – 163,613

Kaiser – 139,452

Hudson – 131,915

Cadillac – 110,340

DeSoto – 106,000

Packard – 100,713

Henry J – 81,942

Lincoln – 32,574

Frazer – 10,214

Crosley – 6,614

Here are some sample:

1951 Frazer Convertible - I like paint scheme.


'51 Hudson Hornet Cub Coupe


1951 Crosley

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The Rebuild of a Ford 3 Speed Transmission

Coming up will be a series of posts as I rebuild the original 3 speed transmission.  This is the original  3 speed transmission from my 1970 Mustang. I’ve replaced it with a rebuilt 1965 4 speed transmission from a Shelby Mustang. (See that in a post coming up.)

I’ll start the tear down after the Christmas holiday.

Transmission Tag

That cable is the speedometer cable

[vodpod id=Video.15751050&w=425&h=350&fv=file%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fvid299.photobucket.com%252Falbums%252Fmm296%252Ftimsweet2200%252FMVI_9345.mp4]

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Engine Line-Up: 1960 Edsel

The Edsel.  Name sake for Henry’s son.  Touted as “ugly” and a failure.  I disagree.

I think they were great and I plan on own one at some point. ( I was pretty close earlier this  year – just missed one at an auction.)  There is just something about tooling around in one of those  large and long 4 door land yacht.  Anyway..one day I will, if I just borrow one for a week.

So in the last year of the Edsel what engines were available?

The car came in 4 configuration, body-wise.  A 2 door sedan, a 2 door convertible; a 4 door sedan and 5 door wagon, but only two engine options.

Your two choices were of the V8 and straight six variety.

Ford‘s 292 was the V8 power plant .  It sported overhead valves, an iron block and hydraulic lifters.  The compression was ratio 8.8:1 and with a bore and stroke of 3.75 x 3.60.  It came with a 2 barrel carb – model B9A9510-A.  Interesting the block and heads were painted black and the value covers and air cleaner were red.

There was the option inline (straight) 6 cylinder.  That too had overhead valves and an iron block.  Bore and stroke was 3.62 x 3.60 and compression ratio 8.4:1. It displayed 223 cubic inches with 145 horse power.  It was topped with a 1 barrel carb, model B9A9510F.   It had the same paint scheme as the V8 but was considered a “delete” option in the Rangers series.

223 Straight (Inline) 6 cylinder with the proper paint scheme

Add 2 more cylinder and buy an extra can of paint for additional valve cover and you'll have this 292 with the proper paint.

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Coming Up.

Hope everyone has recovered from heavy eating and traveling, I know I need to rest up before Christmas, maybe even drop a couple of pounds ahead of time.

I’m also to attempt to meet my goal of 500 posts before the end of 2011. (Yes this one counts).

I have a couple of contests coming up with some auto related DVD’s to give away and some a couple of parking lot finds, and a feature car or two.

So swing by and drop me a comment.

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Designer of the 250 Testa Rossa, Sergio Scaglietti, dies.

One of House of Ferrari’s Favorite Sons Dies

Designer of the 250 Testa Rossa, Sergio Scaglietti, dies.

by on Nov.23, 2011

Sergio Scaglietti held a hallowed place in the house of Ferrari.

One of Enzo Ferrari’s most trusted contributors, Sergio Scaglietti, has died at the age of 91.

The famed designer and custom car builder died Monday.

Scaglietti opened a repair shop across the street from the Ferrari works in Modena, Italy. Soon, he was repairing Ferraris and later began designing some of the automaker’s most storied models. He is credited with the 1958 Ferrari 250Testa Rossa and his Carrozzeria Scaglietti built some of the most famous custom-bodied Ferraris, including the 250 California and 250 GTO, which were designed by another longtime Ferrari associate, Pininfarina.

The entire house of Ferrari was in mourning following Scaglietti’s death.

In a statement on Ferrari’s Web site, Enzo’s son Piero Ferrari, said Scaglietti had a special place in his heart.

“He was one of my father’s best friends. He was next to me with Marco Piccinini the day my father died and stayed with me the whole night until the funeral. I loved him and he was a very important part of my life.”

Chairman Luca di Montezemolo said Scaglietti left an indelible mark on the automaker.

“Today is a sad day for Ferrari. We lost a friend, a travel companion, a man who had his name forever connected to the Prancing Horse,” di Montezemolo said. “Sergio Scaglietti leaves behind the legacy of an artist who, with his talent, created some of the most beautiful cars of our history. (Those who) had the luck to know him like I did will also remember him as a straightforward and honest man, completely dedicated to his work. We will miss him.”

Ferrari honored Scaglietti by naming its 612 grand touring model in tribute to Scaglietti.

Mustang Project Guy’s Slice of Heaven

“Honey…I found our next vacation spot..hear they got a  nice Motel 6 nearby!!!”  “Honey…can we  go now?!!! The Turkey will keep until next week!!!”

Photos: World’s Largest Ford Mustang Salvage Yard

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salvage 8

Everybody knows that saying “I’ve died and gone to heaven”, and this applies to most enthusiasts in this junkyard full of old decrepit Ford Mustangs. Especially, the project guy that has an old classic sitting in the garage. I’m sure it could go either way, though, as some might consider this a sore sight with so many wrecked and rusted ponies. This is the Colorado Mustang Salvage Yard.

Soooo, anybody down for some campin’?!

Colorado Mustang Specialists, Inc. began in a two-car garage in 1972. Mustangs were as numerous as hippies on a Boulder park lawn, easy to buy, fix and sell. So, a would be University of Colorado student found a lucrative way to pay his rent and tuition. After graduation the diploma went in a drawer and the horsing around got serious. Wrecked, junked and abandoned Mustangs were cheap and plentiful, so the collection started that eventually led to the worlds largest Mustang salvage yard.

Most recent and exciting to us is the addition of modern fuel injection conversions, for 64-1/2 to 85 models. These conversions and related parts let the novice enthusiast bring his early Mustang into the new millennium with a computer driven, fuel-injected, V-8 power train, meeting todays standards without changing the Mustangs classic design. We predict these conversions will open a fun and exciting new era of Mustang enthusiasm.