I like Stats – World-Wide Stats

I like stats!!!

0-60 mph, 0-100 mph stats, bore and stroke, torque stats and the world-wide stats for this site.

I like to take time to thank the viewer from around the world from time to time.

With over 40 different countries tuning in to check of progress on #ProjectSportsRoof and #ProjectBeepBeep I think it’s
cool to see such wide-spread interest.

So here’s some stats.

80% of the viewer are from the US.
3% are from Canada
2% from the UK
1% from Mexico, France, and Australia, Russia, German
Other countries, Saudis Arabia, Spain, Italy, Poland Netherlands, S. Korea
South Africa, India, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, Japan.

And here’s a big thanks:


1968 Ply Road Runner
Project BeepBeep

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One Response to I like Stats – World-Wide Stats

  1. Bill says:

    This is my favorite car blog web site. i especially like that project Beep Beep!

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