1974 Torino – The One that Got Away.

While I getting my act together after a very nice week-long road trip I wanted to share a car that I once owed and that for all too common reasons let it go to a new home.

1974 was about the time the U.S. government’s fossil fuel consciousness began to kick in, choking the horsepower out of the muscle car.  But this car was an exception. Here’s its specs.

Gran Torino Sport
VIN:  4H38Q107971
Body:  65R
Color:  3D
Trim:  DB
Trans:  U
Axle:  9
DBO:  75
Date: 08/73
Vin Code:  1974
VinCode Body Serial = Gran Torino Sport 2dr HardTop
VinCode Body:  Medium Blue Metallic
Seat:  Balmora B/Cloth & Corith (L/B Bench)
Trim Code:  Med. Blue
AxleCode = 3.25:1
DSOCode: Phoenix
Assembly Plant:  Lorrian

Undercarriage is aerodynamic ball joints are much larger than other Torino’s of the same vintage
Transmission  is unique (Minus the traditional “Humped” housing)
Engine is 351-V4 Cobra Jet (Not a Cleveland)
9” rear end
10.5:1 ratio
Came with a 3500 Stall Speed Torque Converter.

This was an amazing car.

Unless you are an expert on the Torino what you won’t know is that the 351 V4 Cobra Jet for 1974 was only one of 300 engines made that year.  It took me nearly two years of research to find this out.

I sold this car to a nice guy up in Green Bay.  Here is a before shot:


1974 Grand Sport Torino


Here is what the fellow up in Green Bay created:





Engine hasn't been touched.



Great looking hood.


It’s good to see that she’s looking so good.

Thanks for reading.


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6 Responses to 1974 Torino – The One that Got Away.

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  2. kit sullivan says:

    If you are referring to the factory-installed engine, you have a lot of erroneous information. The “Q”- code engine is indeed a 351 “Cleveland” engine. The “Cobra Jet” designation refers to a minor upgrade to ” high performance” status. No 10.5/1 engines were sold in 74.There were a lot more than 600 “CJ” engines sold.

    • timsweet says:

      Unless you had spent some time with this car you wouldn’t be a position to know the details. These facts were researched and supported by data directly from Ford and sources that are now in private hands. Selling of 1973 engines in 1974 wouldn’t be uncommon, 1974 actual production for CJ 351 were very low, relatively.

  3. Steve Sears says:

    I like the original configuration better but hey, I’m old….

  4. Bill says:

    My uncle had the 351 Windsor Gran Torino ‘Elite’. What a nice car-faux leather high back button tucked seats and all. He bought it new in 1974 and sold it in the late 1980s with 234K miles on the clock. It burned two quarts of oil a day and leaked the other three, but it still ran.

    FYI us teenage boys would sneak that car out and try to act like Starsky, but that smog suffocated 351 windsor would break a tire loose without a high rev and a neutral drop.

    Those were the days, I guess.

    Another good read!

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