1973 Mustang SportsRoof – Floor Pans Getting To It! – Part Three

I know, I’m getting slow at getting these posted for the 1973 Mustang, but here is the next part.   I’m beginning the cuts on the repop floor panels.



Like I mention in the video, I”m doing this all in my driveway and garage – it can be done!!!!   Unlike my 1970 Mustang (which started out in better shape) which most of the work on the body was complete, thanks in part to a careless young driver plowing into the back it at a stop light, in a body shop.  While it was there I had the entire car painted.

I’m using a dremel to make the necessary cuts and the Work-Mate table allows a lot of angles to clamp down the sheet metal while I am cutting it.  The painter’s blue tape works great as marking off the cuts and you don’t have to be ‘too’ precise, but you have to be close!!!

Here you can see the first cut.  Now eventually I realized that I didn’t really need the ‘flap’ and I cut it off.

The ‘humps’ are actually where the seats bolt down and you have to keep clear of those with your sheet metal and welds.

More floor pan goodness for #ProjectSportsRoof.


Thanks for reading.



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