1973 Mustang SportsRoof – Floor Pans Getting To It! – Part Five

Welcome back to the final few posts of the floor pan replacement for #ProjectSportsRoof.

Let’s get right down to it.

I realized that I didn’t catch much of the work on the floor plan under the right rear seat.  That was really a lot of work.  They don’t make a panel for that on the 1973 Mustang SportsRoof.  So I had to use a foot well panel and “customize” it to fit.  See here:

This shot is that pre-welding and it shows the hole above the muffler, under the seat.  (Sorry for the short clip)

This image shows the customized foot well floor panel:

A lot of work went into forming that panel.

A lot of work went into forming that panel.

Yes it was tough to make it, there were a lot of cuts. (The tub there is Irish Spring soap – it keeps pack rats out of the Mustang while it’s parked!)

If you recall the left side of the car wasn’t bad at all and I replaced just the foot well panel.  It cut the same as the right side and here it is in place.  Here’s a little recap of the work done.


Next up is the welding, coating and heat/sound barrier.

Thanks for reading.





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