1973 Mustang SportsRoof – Floor Pans Getting To It! – Finishing Up

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If it seemed to you like I was never going to get to the end of the floor pan part of #ProjectSportsRoof,  you weren’t alone, it seemed that way to me as well.  With power plant problems (Knock..Knock…Who’s There? It’s the bottom end of your 351 Cleveland!!!), digit maiming (Injury Time Out – 1973 Mustang SportsRoof) and life occurring in between the actually completion of the install and getting to the blogging/sharing part of this project.   So here is the final two posts.

After my neighbor Dan Thomas skillfully tacked the panels in place it was time to seal the seams and give the passenger cabin floor a coating.

Here is what I used to carry out the next to last task.


The Eastwood seam sealing putty was warmed up by rolling it around in the palm of my hand and then wedged into the seams like those indicted in this pic:


If you recall we just tack welded the panel so there were a number of seams that need some putty.


I roughly sanded and vacuumed the rest of the floor and then used the truck bed liner from a rattle can and made several pass over the entire floor.

Take a look:

This was just the first coat.

This leaves the application of the heat and sound barrier and replacing the carpet to finish up the this part of the project.

I’ll cover that in the final, final post.   🙂

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