1973 Mustang Sports Roof – Vacuum System Part IV

This will be a longer post as I finish up the vacuum system on #ProjectSportsRoof, the 1973 Mustang Sports Roof.  We have to make a repair, hose to the master cylinder, charcoal filter, and the transmission.

Take a look at the broken vacuum “T”:


So from the broken “T” I moved to the master cylinder and then to the transmission and finished off with the charcoal canister.



One final task to finish up the vacuum system and that is the charcoal canister that is supposed to catch the fumes from the gas tank.


Back at the beginning I mentioned that I need to get this done because the Stang was coming due for its renewal and smog check.  Just a couple of days after finishing I planned driving over to the emissions testing facility and I got my renewal notice via email.  Here in AZ you can register you car online after you pass your smog check.   The notices normally tell you that a an emissions test is required.  My said “No Emissions” required!!!!!!!     Well the vacuum system needed tending too anyway and now it’s check off the list.

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One Response to 1973 Mustang Sports Roof – Vacuum System Part IV

  1. Bill says:

    Nice videos, but I cannot help but correct you. It’s “E G R” valve, not “E R G”. Exhaust Gas Recirculator value.
    Reminds me of my dad, who was the neighborhood shade tree mechanic. He kept spools of vacuum lines around the house to keep those chocked 1970s cars on the road. His rule of thumb; if one is broken/split, you replace THAM ALL!

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