1973 Mustang Sports Roof – Vacuum System Part I

I am sooooooooooooo  far behind in my blogging in general and specifically with the work on #ProjectSportsRoof.  I’m catching up this weekend (actually it’s going to take a week or more to go through the videos) with the work I’ve done on the vacuum system.

The goal started out to get this all completed before the end of January when I had to renew the registration, but first it needed to pass emissions.  So I had to hustle.  The next few blog post cover this process.

There are some questions that come up and most of them were solved.   In particular the Vacuum Distribution Solenoid locations.  All the diagrams I pulled off the web were for non-A/C cars.  This solenoid was moved to the back when A/C was installed.  Take a look.

Of course the long vacuum hose leading down under the firewall does in fact run to the transmission.

More coming on the vacuum system.

Thanks for reading.




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