1973 Mustang Project SportsRoom – This Just In #1

It’s almost like Christmas every time part come in for #ProjectSportsRoof.

Here’s what came in this week:

Fresh from North of our border are these wood insert for the door panels.  These were part of the Mach 1 Interior package the car was originally ordered with.

Wood door panel inserts.

Wood door panel inserts.

These look new on the back.

These look new on the back.


Here is the shot of the Mach 1 interior package.

This image is from a 1972 - but the package is the same.

This image is from a 1972 – but the package is the same.














Also in are the new set of window felts.

These are new.

These are new.











As I began organizing the garage I ran across a few parts left over from my 1970 Mustang restore.  Most were 302 specific however I new set of lower control arms that just so happen to fit the 1973.

Lower Control Arms

Lower Control Arms












With great looking used glass and the fender on the way and we are moving in a positive direction.


Thanks for reading.




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