1973 Mustang – Project SportsRoof – Wheels?

Ok…decision time.    Slots or American Racing Wheels ?   Window sticker says it came with slotted mags.

What do you say?

Slots or Not?

Slots or Not?


Let me know what you think?

Thanks for reading.



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3 Responses to 1973 Mustang – Project SportsRoof – Wheels?

  1. Tim Sweet says:

    1973 Mustang – Project SportsRoof – Wheels?

    from kdryan via /r/Mustang/ sent 1 day ago

    Magnum 500’s. If not that then slots…

  2. Bill says:



    Have the wheels refinished (and even balanced and trued)

  3. Anonymous says:


    Cooper Cobras!

    Have the wheels on the car refinished!

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