1973 Mustang – Project Sportsroof – Leaks, Pertronix & Leaks! Part III

Thanks for checking back on the #ProjectSportsRoof progress.  Wrapping up the Pertronix install, I’ll had an issue.  After install the system the car would not start.   So I re-gapped the Pertronix and still it  wouldn’t start.   I was sure I didn’t screw up the firing order when I put the new cap on, but I pulled out the book and rechecked.  Not the problem.

So I went about putting the points and condenser back in and it still didn’t fire up, put the old coil back on and still no luck.  I put the Pertronix back in and of course the beast would not fire up.

This video covers it.


If you read the previous post and watched the video, you would have noticed gas seeping from a crack in the rubber line just above the “steam punk” fuel pressure gauge and the collection of hose clams.  Truly a work of art – no doubt, but totally a mess.

Ye,s I should have looked that over better and replaced it prior running the car.  However, it’s better now and a solid temporarily fix.  Here a clip.

Again, this is a temp fix and a proper line will be installed eventually.

Here’s a wrenching tip:  When install hose clamps on a gas line, be sure you’ve tighten them all before your start the car.  Gas has a tendency to not flow in the desired direction, when not well contained.  Yeah…gas everywhere and not just a little.   Here’s garage tip:  Cat Litter – buckets full!!!  ‘nough said!!!

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1973 Mustang – Project Sportsroof – Leaks, Pertronix …

As I march down the dark path that is the diagnostic process to find out the health of the 351 Cleveland, the first steps are to clean up a few leaks (mainly so it.
1973 Mustang – Project Sports Roof

As I posted before, after a vigorous (not read ‘desperate’) I finally found my next personal project. The 1973 Mustang Sports Roof Fastback is what I settled on.
1973 Mustang – Project Sportsroof – Leaks, Pertronix …

Continuing on with the leaks and Pertronix install on the 351C, below you’ll see the cleaned up valve covers (BTW – only the right side was leaking – which may explain.


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4 Responses to 1973 Mustang – Project Sportsroof – Leaks, Pertronix & Leaks! Part III

  1. Bill says:

    I second that compression test! I would have performed that within an hour of the car in my driveway!

  2. Steve says:

    The curiosity is killing me. Are you going to do a compression test? The 82 Cougar I used to have had a metal fuel line from the fuel pump all the way to the carb. I as well hate leaks. Cars are not designed to leak. In fact California will fail a emission tests for visible leaks of any fluids. Not highly enforced unless it’s a big leak. A fuel leak though will get the tester to close the hood and make you go away. Ha Ha.

    • Tim Sweet says:

      Hi Steve. I picked up a remote starter last weekend. If I get time I’ll do the compression test this weekend.

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