1973 Mustang – Project Sports Roof – Vacuum System Part II

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So here is the last set of initial questions.

Here is an image of the current set up:
[Image: Vac-14-L_zpsndlzgozn.jpg]

[Image: Vac-13-L_zpsgbppofla.jpg]

Any diagram I find has the hose vacuum from the Distr going to the Valve assy.

The Valve assy has nothing attached which is located on the front right side next to the alternator on the water pump housing.

[Image: Vac-31-L_zpsyrpi8chf.jpg]

The diagram for the 1972 351C shows that instead of going directly to the carb, the hoses from the distributor vacuum run to the Valve Assy. There also seems to be a second line running from the back of the distributor (in the diagram) – but that isn’t very clear.

Any ideas? Clearly the car runs without any of these connected – do I just plug them all?


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2 Responses to 1973 Mustang – Project Sports Roof – Vacuum System Part II

  1. Bill says:

    Like Don said this must delay vacuum advance vs temp. Keep the vacuum advance to the carb as is. My dad who was the neighborhood shade tree mechanic would start at the carb and route vacuum lines to the distributor advance egr and brake booster check valve (if this car had one) and finish with the dash heater doors. Anything else was eliminated. Call me if you want to discuss.

    • Tim Sweet says:

      The vacuum is still connected to the EGR and one hose that runs to the transmission and of course the brakes. I didn’t have that with the ’70 Stang as it was manual 3 speed from the factory and then a manual 4 speed when I got done with it. I’ve capped off the others, and left the vacuum advance going directly to the carb.

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