1973 Mustang -Project Sports Roof – Mach 1 Grille Part II

Thanks for checking back on #ProjectSportsRoof.  Progress is being made and I’d like to finish up these post on the install of the Mach 1 grille on this ‘plain old’ sports roof.

This was pretty much straight forward, with a small change.

If you recall on the last post we started with a NOS Mach 1 grille I acquired from Ebay…..SCORE!!!

NOS in original box

NOS in original box

Box label - so what? Hey it's cool!!!

Box label – so what? Hey it’s cool!!!

For now I’m using the signal lights from the old grille and a new proper pony badge.

New Pony Badge

New Pony Badge

The new badge is different from the original (that being just a large Mustang running), which I preferred.  Of course this new badge is made in Taiwan and not as sturdy as I would have liked.  In fact while tightening the one of the nuts provided the prong sheered off.  Luckily there were enough threads to make it secure.

Here it is installed:



Here are a couple of videos on the install.



Now there are still a few thing I need to buy to finish up the grille:


But it’s looking pretty good!!


Thanks for reading.



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