1973 Mustang – Project Sports Roof – Fender Fitment Part II

In these next two videos, you’ll see just how ‘off’ these fenders are in some areas and surprisingly how well they fit in other areas.

If you have an experience or a hit for anyone taking on this part of a restoration – drop a comment here and we’ll share them.




Thanks for reading.  Lot more coming up.



1973 Mustang – Project Sports Roof – Fender Fitment Part I

Nothing But Curves – Should have packed the Vette!!!!! Welcome back to Project Sports Roof (#ProjectSportsRoof). We stripped the old fender and retained all the usable parts. Next we are going to fit the new fenders up to the …

1973 Mustang – Project SportsRoof – Fender Removal

In case you didn’t notice, the fenders that were on #ProjectSportsRoof look as though car had driven into a half pipe at a skate park. Left Fender – major.

1973 Mustang – Project SportsRoof – Money!!

#ProjectSportsRoof will be the way I want it, which I haven’t nailed down yet, so suggest way by dropping me a comment (got your crate motor idea swimming around in my head, Bill) and that will happen fast or slow and cost …
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