1973 Mustang Original Invoice and Window Sticker – Marti Auto Works

I’ve mentioned a few times here on Average Guy’s Car Restoration the great work that Marti Auto Works does to help car owners discover information about their Mustangs and other Fords that are important to being able to restore the cars and even help establish a value.  They own the rights to the Ford databases and records prior to 1974 (some models up to 1989).  These guys have everything..I mean everything.  Give them the VIN number and they’ll pile on the data (it’s not free but very reasonable).  They are authorized by Ford to reproduce window stickers and Protector Plates (identification plates that go on the inside door jamb) and more.

I didn’t purchase the window sticker for 1970 Mustang but I did for #ProjectSportsRoof.  Check it out:

1973 Mustang SportsRoof Window Sticker.

1973 Mustang SportsRoof Window Sticker.

That’s pretty cool but if you want the coolest thing (in my opinion) that they offer it is this:

The original Invoice!!!

The original Invoice!!!

This is the original – THE ORIGINAL – not a copy, not a reproduction – but the original – complete with pen/pencil marks and water stains – tucked way in a folder – invoice for my car.  That is beyond awesome.  The edges of the form didn’t make it into the scan but it all there.

The fact that it still exist is unbelievable and that I was able to purchase was great.  It’s a great piece to have and I couldn’t appreciate the folks at Marti Auto Works more!!!!!      

Check out the cost of 10 gallons of gas – $4.00!!!

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You can find Marti Auto Works @   http://www.martiauto.com/

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While the block is out for machining I can turn my attention to one of the MANY other sub-projects on #ProjectSportsRoof. If you’ve followed the blog you know …
vintage motors | Tumblr

Thanks checking back in with the 1973 Mustang (#ProjectSportsRoof). I’m moving right along with getting the progress on the 351C tear down posted up.
73 Mustang 351 Cleveland Rebuild – Removal 4 – YouTube

Aug 1, 2016 I’m So close to getting #ProjectSportsRoof engine pulled and starting the tear down.


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One Response to 1973 Mustang Original Invoice and Window Sticker – Marti Auto Works

  1. Bill says:

    “operates on Regular Gas of 91 octane” I have forgotten that the Premium we buy today was yesterday’s regular in octance.
    Nice you could get a ‘mach 1 interior’ as an option. I guess that is considered similar to today’s ‘pony package’ that gives the V6 Mustang the GT interior and suspension.
    I wish Detriot would return to the days of a la carte. Seeing just AC as a separate option is nice. I believe on today’s Mustang only the auto trans is a separate option; everything else is bundled into packages. Just to get leatther seats you have to buy a $4000 option of other crap you just don’t need.

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