1973 Mustang Heater Box Part 4

With the heater box for #ProjectSportsRoof out form under the dash, I now have to do the repairs and replace the heater core.

Here’s what needs to be done and I pull the heater core.


Coming up is the fiberglass work to fix and seal up the heater box.

Thanks for reading.




1973 Mustang Original Invoice and Window Sticker – Marti Auto Works

1 day ago I didn’t purchase the window sticker for 1970 Mustang but I did for # ProjectSportsRoof. Check it out: 1973 Mustang SportsRoof Window Sticker.
Average Guy’s Car Restorations, Mods, and Racing

While the block is out for machining I can turn my attention to one of the MANY other sub-projects on #ProjectSportsRoof. If you’ve followed the blog you know …
73 Mustang 351 Cleveland Rebuild – Removal 4 – YouTube

Aug 1, 2016 I’m So close to getting #ProjectSportsRoof engine pulled and starting the tear down.
351C Removal and tear down – YouTube

Jul 19, 2016 Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof. This the beginning of rebuild of the 351 Cleveland for the 73 Mustang.


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2 Responses to 1973 Mustang Heater Box Part 4

  1. Bill says:

    Did you look into a Classic Air replacement. I think the smaller evap and heater core saves weight and space.
    If the day ever comes that I get an old MOPAR, I think I’ll do the classic air heater box, evap, and sanden compressor.

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