1973 Mustang Heater Box Part 1

Maybe one of the worse task to tackle on a car is the heater core.  In particular on some older cars.  In most cases you have to remove the entire dash.   I know this because when the heater core sprung a leak in my 1974 Cobra Jet Torino, I didn’t have the time to fix it.  I took it to a shop and the cost was hefty.

Since I’m doing a lot more of my own work on #ProjectSportRoof and I’m going to dive in and replace the heater core and like the Torino it is an A/C car.

Now the goal is to attempt to remove the box without taking the entire dash out – that is a huge time sync and it leads down the road of ” since I have it out, I might as well  fix…”.

I refer to the heater box as the portion to the right of the blower, there are some references that include the blower as well.  There are only 3 bolts holding the heater box in place, two are behind the unit and poke through the firewall and one is in the front.  I’m hoping the rest is just getting it in the right angle to pull it out.

I don’t have a camera guy only a small tri-pod  that I can set in limited flat spots and record what I can.

HINT:   Remove the passenger seat, it sure does help.

Here we go:


Coming up we’ll take a close look at the box, access what needs to be done.

Thanks for reading.




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2 Responses to 1973 Mustang Heater Box Part 1

  1. Tim Sweet says:

    From Facebook – Scott Frazier: Oh I wish you would have ask. On my 73 the 1st time took about 5 hours. 2nd time,30 minutes. I cut a hole in the firewall, slid right out, made an oversized plate to go back. You can’t even tell.
    Like · Reply · September 27 at 4:45am

    Tim Sweet Scott…that was an idea I had!!!! Maybe I’ll put it back in that way? If you have a pic or two I’d like to see it.
    Like · Reply · Just now

  2. Tim Sweet says:

    From YouTube:
    aboveknee3 hours agoHIGHLIGHTED COMMENT
    Cool video, will the flange clips come off the lower side to help removal?

    Tim Sweet

    That might help. But getting to the back side is tough – it’s pretty snug to the fire wall and I don’t want to chip the heater box edges. If that happens the clips wont go back on and hold.

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