1973 Mustang 351 Cleveland Tear Down Part 2

Moving along with 351 Cleveland rebuild for the 73 Mustang, #ProjectSportsRoof, I’m about to remove the intake manifold.

You’ve seen this 351C with its breathing apparatus removed. That was back when it bent a rod and the valve burnt.


Bent Rod.



That was why I had the heads rebuild.  As a refresher, this tear down is a result of discovering the a bottom end knock after the heads were replaced.

So here is the video for the intake manifold removal.


 Thanks for reading.

More coming up on the 351 Cleveland tear down




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One Response to 1973 Mustang 351 Cleveland Tear Down Part 2

  1. Tim Sweet says:

    From Reddit: cardboardbox92 via /r/Mustang sent 20 minutes ago

    Good god that exhaust valve is RIP.

    AGCarRestore[S] 1 point just now

    One of the worse I’ve seen. But the heads are all redone and look great (that will be coming up in the next post). Thanks for the note!! Tim

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