1973 Mustang 351 Cleveland Tear Down Part 1

Finally the fun part begins.  Well actually it’s all fun, just varying degrees of it.   Welcome back to the 1973 Mustang project dubbed:  #ProjectSportsRoof.   We have the 351 Cleveland out and now I’m going to begin disassembly and see if we can get to the bottom of the “bottom end noise” it developed.

Here’s the first video.  Don’t be distracted by the Corvette t-shirt from my corvette club, it’s ok to own both!!


Here’s a look at one of nuts from the torque stall converter:

They are pretty rounded.

They are pretty rounded.

As you can see I didn’t have you watch as I unbolted the fuel pump or the brackets, even though this is Average Guy’s Car Restoration which equates to average skill set, average tool hoard  and average (or below) budget, but I’m thinking you get the removal of a couple of bolts.  If things get tricky (for me) I’ll cover it.

Next up we get the intake manifold off and heads.

Thanks for check back.



351C finally on the stand!

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Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof. With the floor pans welding, sealing and coating finished the next step was to apply the heat and sound barrier. This is …
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Welcome back to #ProjectSportsRoof. I’m getting ready to pull the 351C from between the fenders of the 1973 Mustang SportsRoof for a complete rebuild.
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