1970 Mustang – Update and Next Mini Project – Pillar Moldings

My '70 Stang

The last I blogged about my Mustang I had finished up the installation of the new dash pad and replaced all the bulbs and cleaned up a few years of dust.

If you recall (well you don’t have to,  just go back and read the posts) I talked about planning and how I could have saved time by waiting to put new dash pad on (not cap, pad) until the pillar molding came, but I decided not too.  The molding came in today….so out with the old….

Old cracked and broken

And in with the new:

Mustang Unlimited

I have pretty good luck with Mustang Unlimted’s parts and service. I recommend them.  (No I don’t get paid for plugs or compensated.)

These will have to be painted which is very common with interior parts.  I even had to paint the replacement arm rest.  I have the paint and I’ll post up the entire process.

I finally got the exhaust manifold taken care of (I didn’t do it). But apparent when I had the custom exhaust with hooker headers created and installed, they didn’t use locketight and they loosed up with the vibration of daily and drag strip racing. The right side had to be replaced and the left side was just tightened.  Oh she sounds so much better.

Thanks for reading.  I’ll get the pillar molding replacement pretty quick.


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4 Responses to 1970 Mustang – Update and Next Mini Project – Pillar Moldings

  1. Cindy says:

    Great points! I will be checking back here often!

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  3. timsweet says:

    David Suesz (from Classic Mustang Forum – http://fomoco.phpbbnow.com)

    You do know that Mustangs Unlimited doesn’t actually make anything, right?

    Full line vendors, like MU (and yes, GN makes some things, but certainly not most things) are retailers who sell parts from manufacturers, similar to NAPA.

    There are a few manufacturers who sell directly to the public, but they are typically “niche” items, the best example would be brake conversion makers, like SSBC, etc.

    The real thing to look for is quality, dealer A might have a $12 antenna, while B has a $20 antenna. Maybe A has a lower price, but it might also be that B is selling a better part, and wouldn’t be caught dead selling the junk $12 item.

    Then there’s customer service, and technical support. If you call them, will they actually go get the part and measure it for you? Will their techs tell you how best to install it? Do they respond to email? How complete is their catalog? Can they find items that are not in the catalog if you ask? Do they restore cars, which would tell them which parts fit or work poorly?

Let me hear from you!!! Drop a note!!