1970 Mustang Front End – What should I do?

My Nephew’s 1970 Stang needs some attention.

I get to park in my office!

Well it’s been a long week getting her back on the road. But she drove well enough given her condition.

I am looking for opinions on kits for front suspension rebuilds, mine is shot. At this point I’m probably looking for the cheapest most comprehensive kit given my pony’s condition.

My entire front suspension is not suspending, or bouncing, or quiet. Its time for a full rebuild but I’ve been waiting to blow my motor to justify a full car build! It’s been on its last leg for at least 10 years so at this point I’m trying to see how far I can go to prove Ford’s reliability before tearing her down and she just won’t die! A true survivor.

Also I have a mean top end tick I have lots of play in my lifters, I’m assuming that’s the problem. Already replaced the valve caps, but I probably lost one or two again, any tips or tricks to adjust these ticks?

Although she really like cruising at 50 mph everywhere! I had a hard time keeping it under that speed.


You will get a lot of opinions and have a lot of options.  Basically is comes down to what you want the car to be.  If you just want a cruiser I think you can’t go wrong with just building like it came from the factory.  I did that with my 1970 only difference is I use polyurethane bushing.   Polyurethane bushing improved the ride without ruining the feel of how the car would have handled when it came from the factory.  Properly greased the don’t squeak.   If you want it a bit better ride you can upgrade components as you go.

I recommend the RPS kit (it is under $300)

Front Suspension Kit, 1968 – 73 Mustang Restoration Parts Source
This suspension kit includes new upper and lower control arms with bushings and riveted ball joints installed, new spring perches and insulators and new strut rod bushings with washers.

Here is the link –  RPS Suspension Kit


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