1970 Mustang Dash Replacement – Part Arrives!!!

Ok now I’m excited.  The dash pad replacement arrived and it looks great. 

Here are some pics: 

Dashboard Pic1 1970 Mustang no A/C


Dashboard Pic2 Perfect placement of the defrost vents


Backside of the new dash Pic 3 1970 Mustang


Speaker Mount Pic4 1970 Mustang


I ordered this part from Dallas Mustang, but I thinking I should have ordered directly from DashesDirect.com I’ll check the web site and see if it was cheaper there.  When you have an average guy’s budget every penny counts.  PLEASE HOLD…..(MUSIC…MUSIC…MUSIC)..thanks for holding…ok  DashesDirect.com doesn’t sell directly (get it????….do ya????) so you have to order through a 3rd party.  So this worked out ok.  Got 10% off on sale at Dallas Mustang and free shipping.  

This is really nicely done. The key is getting parts that are created with the original tooling.  That means the makee owns or has access to the original (recreated) molds (in this case) that Ford used. 

The key to a good fitting part!!!


I can’t wait to get started….errk….but I have to wait until next week.  I have things already scheduled for this weekend.  You don’t want to rush projects and I lean toward wanting to start things right way.  This will take some time to complete, especially with photographing (still and video) and all the cleaning, bulb replacement and any electrical work it might need. 

If I can squeeze some time off the first of next week. I’ll start it. Stay tuned and you’ll see every bit of the good stuff and what ever I screw up…oh..don’t worry..there is always something.  

My biggest fear is getting the old one off and find ‘rust’…yeah…that can happen here in AZ. 

Thanks for reading.  Don’t for get I’m looking for your project pics for the Project Car of the Week/Month.  $100.00 gift card at stake. 


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3 Responses to 1970 Mustang Dash Replacement – Part Arrives!!!

  1. Thanks for the write-up. I found it very useful.

  2. Mustang says:

    Hey Tim

    I saw your comments on Hemmings. I’d like to check out more on your Mustang resto, particularly the dash replacement and immediate areas.

    Is there a way to search your site for more, or a section specifically on the Mustang? I’ve signed up for email notification.


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