1958 Ford Ranch Wagon – I’m in the Dog House: Front Clip Removal


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I decided the time had come to get the front clip taken off the Wagon. I wanted to get the front frame cleaned up, and do the front end by the end of summer. I am shocked at how few bolts actually hold the whole front clip onto the ’58.  11 bolts, disconnect some wiring, and you can lift the whole front Clip (Dog house) off in one piece.  It’s taken me longer to change the oil on a car than to remove the front clip on this car!


First  I had to remove the front bumper with brackets attached. That was fine, except for the one chrome bumper bolt on each end of the bumper. They fought back pretty good. I had to sawzall them off.


I was without any help to lift the front clip off, so I had to tilt the front forward onto some large Foam cushions I had saved out of an old travel trailer I had gotten rid of years ago. They are a perfect for laying under vehicles to work on, and for cushioning large loads like this.


Next I will be removing the wiring from the front clip and saving it for future use. This front clip needs work. The front fender bottoms are rusty, and the hood is so badly rusted it is of no use. So either I will sell this old clip to someone who has nothing, or dismantle it, save parts and scrap it.


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One Response to 1958 Ford Ranch Wagon – I’m in the Dog House: Front Clip Removal

  1. Kevin schumacher says:

    Neat show. Wish there was a shop like yours in my town. Spent every free moment i had while working two jobs to fix my first car. Its a 1966 mustang coupe 289 auto. Spent many cold nights freezing my testes outside to get it where its at now and Ive done everything on that car myself. But now that my father died, my daughter and i are taking care of my mom with final stage alzheimers. Unfortunately thats taking all of my time. i need help getting stang done. Im all about doing all the work myself but i wanna be able to take my mom in that car while she remembers it. I appreciate your shows concept and thank you for letting me vent about my car and my life.

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