73 Mustang Heater Box Part 5 – Clean Up

I know…I know…it’s a bit of let down moving back to the heater box for #ProjectSportsRoof when the beautiful 351 Cleveland that’s going to power the 73 Mustang is sitting in the garage waiting to roar back to life, but the heater box has to get done.

As I showed you in the previous heater box post is was pretty much a mess.  So after accessing the damage and apply epoxy to the broken pieces, I needed to clean it up before applying the fiberglass.  Here’s a little look at that:


I need give a bit of caution here when doing the cleaning.  Take a look at the part numbers on the heater box:


Those number are no longer there.  The Simple Green clean removed them.   I’ll mention again that this is not a concourse restoration, but nonetheless it’s always sad when you change or remove something that original that didn’t need to be.  Yes it’s just the heater box and not something anyone is going to notice, but I know it’s gone as do you and all 17k members of this blog.

Coming up next on AG Car Restoration is fiberglass repair of the heater box and maybe I’ll sneak in sometime on the Cleveland.

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