La grange ultime trouver: Artcurial unearths a treasure trove of collector cars | Hemmings Daily

The Collectors’ Car Department at Artcurial has discovered 60 collectors’ automobiles, all major marques dating
from the early days of the motor car through to the 1970s. Found following fifty years of lying dormant, the Baillon collection
will be sold by Artcurial Motorcars in the first part of the traditional sale at Retromobile Salon, on 6 February 2015, in Paris.

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There are some awesome cars in the Baillon collection and some are in awful shape.  Some aren’t restorable.


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Artcurial to Auction 60 Barn Find Classics from Forgotten Baillon Collection

The forgotten Baillon Collection will be auctioned at the annual Retromobile event in Paris next February. The lots include some of the most desirable Ferrari’s and Bugatti models and is sure to provide a talking point for the classic car market for
‘Passion’ Investors Follow the Money

It will be the star lot of Artcurial’s Baillon Collection sale in Paris on Feb. 6 with an estimate of 10 million euros, or $12.4 million. Another example of this rare car, this time in smarter “concours” condition, sold for $15.1 million at Gooding in
L’incroyable collection Baillon mise à jour par Artcurial

… « Depuis la révélation de la collection Schlumpf de Mulhouse, jamais une telle réunion d’automobiles emblématiques n’avait été dévoilée, mais plus encore, dans un tel état d’origine ! », a confié Matthieu Lamoure, Directeur d’Artcurial Motorcars.
Automobile: des grandes marques oubliées dans une ferme en France

MOSCOU – RIA Novosti/La Voix de la Russie Une collection d’environ 100 véhicules anciens de grandes marques – des voitures sport à celles de luxe – a été découverte dans une ferme en France, a annoncé lundi le magazine Artcurial Motorcars. Diaporama …


Buy the only pre-production SSP Mustangs in the world

In the pantheon of lust-worthy Mustangs, the Special Service Package cars tend to hang out at the tip-top of the mountain. Fitted for police pursuit duty, the cars came from the factory with a bushel of parts to go faster and stop shorter. The two cars pictured here are reportedly the first SSP Mustangs ever built. Ford whipped them up in December of 1981 as test cars for the California Highway Patrol and the State of Texas. Of the machines CHP tested that year, these two were the only cars to pass the department’s performance tests. California ordered 400, and the SSP program was officially under way.

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Fox body cop cars!!!

Fox body cop cars!!!


Owning one of these cars or any former police car is a great part of the car collecting/restoration hobby.  But keep in mind there are rules for what equipment/logos, etc. that can be on these cars while they are driven on public streets.  Each U.S. state has different rules, research those.


CHP, I met a few of those guys driving the roads of Southern Cal.

CHiPs, I met a few of those guys driving the roads of Southern Cal.


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1962 Oldsmobile 215 Aluminum Engine

One of the cool things about cars from the 50 and 60 was each marquee had the ability and willingness to set their sub-brands apart from each other with design and power plant options.   That is evidenced by the GM’s development of the 215 small block.


Used by Pontiac, Buick and Oldsmobile for powering multiple makes/models each GM subdivision add its own unique at aspects.  For this post we are talking about the 1962 Oldsmobile 215 aluminum V8. The Oldsmobile version of this engine, although sharing the same basic architecture, had cylinder heads and angled valve covers designed by Oldsmobile engineers to look like a traditional Olds V8 and was produced on a separate assembly line.

Among the differences between the Oldsmobile from the Buick versions, it was heavier, at 350 lb. The major design differences were in the cylinder heads: Buick used a 5-bolt pattern around each cylinder where Oldsmobile used a 6-bolt pattern. The 6th bolt was added to the intake manifold side of the head, one extra bolt for each cylinder, meant to alleviate a head-warping problem on high-compression versions. This meant that Oldsmobile heads would fit on Buick blocks, but not vice versa.

Most of the 215’s produced 215 HP, however some models came with a turbo.

As is the case with the engine below which is for sale from a fellow gear-head I work with.  It was pulled from a 1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire and restored back to factory specs, with the exceptions of harden valve seats etc. to accommodate unleaded gas.  It is set up for 7lbs of boost from the turbo.  It was then stored, here in AZ.

If you are interested drop me a note at AGCARRESTORATION@COX.NET or or just leave a post here and I’ll find ya!!



IMG_0055 IMG_0054

IMG_0051 IMG_0053 IMG_0056 IMG_0057

IMG_0058 IMG_0059


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DrivingLine | Amazing Innovations: Turbochargers

first-turbocharged-car-1962-Oldsmobile-Jetfire-engine-detail. The V8’s 10.25:1 compression ratio resulted in detonation or pre-ignition events, innocuously called knocking or pinging. Controlling the timing of the combustion …
Powerglide: A GM’s Greatest Hit Or Deadly Sin?

The concept was not unknown at the time, of course — the Oldsmobile Jetfire engine had a wastegate, as well as fluid injection. (In fact, there was a switch at the bottom of the injection tank that automatically popped open the …


Rumor: GT350 Pricing To Start At $52,995 Before Tech or Track Pack – StangTV

Ford has said very little about the upcoming 2016 GT350, aside from telling us a few of the specifications. One of the key things they’ve neglected to mention so far has been pricing for the latest collaboration between SVT and Shelby.Horsepower Kings, is saying that they were able to get the inside scoop on much of the pricing plans for the upcoming flat plane crank powered Mustang. According to Horsepower Kings, the GT350 will have a base MSRP of $52,995. This would put the car under the price of its key competitor, Chevy’s Z/28, as well as below the previous generation GT500.

via Rumor: GT350 Pricing To Start At $52,995 Before Tech or Track Pack – StangTV.

GT350 - $50K

GT350 – $50K

Great pricing – compared to just about any American sports car!!


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2016 Ford Mustang GT350

Ford just unveiled the new Mustang Shelby GT350, a ferocious-looking, track-focused thing with all-new adaptive dampers, giant brakes, and Ford’s first-ever flat-crank V-8 engine. The company isn’t spilling details on things like horsepower, torque, or
Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang to cost $52995?

The 2015 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang was one of the shining stars of this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. And the Blue Oval’s latest muscle car might even have reason to burn a little brighter if a recent rumor about its price proves true. Best of all are
Shelby GT350 throws left-hook at BMW M4

The original GT350 was Carroll Shelby’s first kick at the street-legal high(er) volume performance car can. Shelby’s mandate with the GT350 was clear from the beginning, but the lump of clay that Ford continually handed him was, well… lumpy. Even


Auto Factoid for Week of Nov. 30, 2014

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Here is the line up of Auto Factoids for the first week in December!!!


Nov 30 1960  De Soto ceases production.  The last De Soto produced were really the Chrysler Windsor, most did not sale, even though dealerships continued to received cars after the brand was terminated.

1961 Windsor

1961 Windsor

1961 DeSoto

1961 DeSoto


Way before that on Nov 30, 1900 Germany patented an automobile front wheel drive.  Although this is a common historic fact, there is some evidence that the first production car with front wheel drive was a French car.  There exists a French Patent around 1898 or 1899.  The manufacturer was Société Parisienne and the car was the Victoria Combination.

It was a lightweight two-seater trailer,known as a ‘Victoria’, combined with the back axle and mechanical components of a motor tricycle, but this axle was placed in front of the trailer and steered by a long tiller on which the controls were located. The first examples were powered by 1.75 or 2.5 horsepower De Dion Bouton engines geared directly to the differential, but larger engines of this make were fitted as they became available.

1900 Victoria Combination

1900 Victoria Combination


December 1, 1925 GM purchased Vauxhall.  Vauxhall started out as engine manufacturer mainly for pumps and marine use (1857 – Alex Wilson).  They began making cars in 1903.  Here is a video of a 1903 Vauxhall.  They are still producing cars using the Opel name under GM.

One more of it on a road test.

Back 1913 (just over 100 years ago) on Dec 1, Ford fired up the first continuous assembly line.

Ford's Production Line

Ford’s Production Line

And just one day and 14 years later (Dec 2, 1927) Ford began selling Models A off this assembly line.

1927 Model A

1927 Model A


Dec 3, 1951 is Rick Mears birthday – one of only three drivers to win the Indianapolis 500 3 times.

Rick Mears in his Formula 1 car

Rick Mears in his Formula 1 car


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Petersen Museum hosts hot rod stamps dedication |

I didn’t realize there were models for the stamps!

This is an older article.

The two ’32 Ford highboy roadsters that posed for the U.S. Postal Service’s new Hot Rods Forever Stamps will be shown today at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles during a dedication ceremony of the limited-edition collection.The cars – the red ’32 McGee Roadster owned by well-known collector Bruce Meyer and the black-with-flames ’32 Frank Rogers Roadster owned by Mark Graham – will be at the museum with their owners for the 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. ceremony, along with U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and emcee Barry Maguiar, host of the TV show Car Crazy.

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32 McGee Roadster.

32 McGee Roadster.

Abandon Car Oddessy – The Beginning

There is something about abandon cars that creates a visceral response  in a car guy/gal’s heart.  For me it started as a little kid.  As some of my readers know I grew up with an Auto Body professional, my Dad.  Cars were always being worked on at home and at my Dad’s various shops.  It was at those shops that I studied (really I did) the auto body repair books he used for finding and ordering parts, to memorize the front and rear of every car from the  50’s and 60’s and early 70’s. I could tell you coming or going the make model and year of every car I spotted.

Even before that I recall being captivated by the 1930’s pickup that we drove around my grandfather’s farm.  It was not much more than two seats on a frame with a rusted front end, lift up sides hood covering the engine, no headlights or bumper. We called it the ‘Doodle Bug’ – don’t know why.  Of course that 30’s pickup was well cared for, therefore not technically abandoned, so my first abandon car was 4 door Plymouth Fury 1958, yeah the Christine car. It sat across the road from our house in a patch of tall grass, like an island in the field that my grandfather would mow  with the Doodle Bug.   I recall asking if we could move the car to our driveway, but by Dad said “It needs a carburetor.”  Not to be deterred, I talked my younger brother into helping me to make a carburetor.  Our plan was to take a tin can and pieces of metal from an old fashion ice-cube maker (for the choke plate) and get it running.   I don’t know what happened to that car (except that tin can just didn’t work) wish it was around now.

So that’s when it started.  Now every time I see a abandon car,  I feel the urge to bring it home and make it run.  Actually, it’s more than that, I instantly can picture what it use to look like new and see the potential of what it could be again.

There’s the impetus for the this series.  I’ve spent the last few years spotting and photographing these special vehicles during my wife and my many road trips, even touring around Europe.

This first is from our trip to Italy.   You don’t see too many abandon cars sitting round Europe, there are some.  For instance just outside of Florence, Italy we stopped at a petrol station and saw this abandon van.


Van outside of Florence, Italy.

Van outside of Florence, Italy.

This van about to reclaimed by Mother Earth!  Best guess is that it’s VW made van.  The only markings is the  Autotre  on the front fender, which is a use car dealership/ franchise   I kept want to take a look at the engine and wonder if it would start.   I then took a look around back and realized it was being used for storage of CO2 tanks.


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Hennessey’s Twin Turbo C7 Corvette Stingray Burnout | CorvetteVideos.TV

Hennessey HPE700 708 horsepower @ 6,300 RPM Twin Turbo C7 Corvette doing a burnout at Lonestar Motorsports Park in Sealy, Texas.


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Hennessey Mustang GT 2015, sal y pimienta para el icono

El preparador y marca independiente estadounidense Hennessey Cars ha facilitado los detalles principales de los dos kits de mejora para el Ford Mustang GT 2015. Fruto de la incorporación de dos compresores diferentes y de diversos cambios en el motor …


Shout Out to All Overseas Readers

I never want to take readers for granted.  They are the life’s blood for a blogger and I appreciate all of them.

Here in the U.S. we sometimes think – just by volume of publications that we are the “hub” of the automotive  hobby, but there is so much more in all the countries listed below. Innovation from the land down-under to some cool retro stuff in Japan and some very awesome car shows in Switzerland and all those British cars!!!!

Thanks to all readers in each of the countries below!!!!!  You folks ROCK!!!!!  Keep up the great work.

Canada                          Australia
France                           Mexico
Germany                      Brazil
Italy                              Portugal
Turkey                          Russian Federation
Spain                            Puerto Rico
Switzerland                 Belgium
Japan                           Ireland
Philippines                Malaysia



australian cars

classic japanese cars[ ATTRIBUTE: Please check: to find out how to attribute this image ]


The world’s fastest electric car? – BBC Top Gear

Remember the Detroit Electric SP:01? Announced in 2013, it followed a well-thumbed recipe and promised to be an esoteric entrant in the eco-friendly sports car class.



Well, it’s back and in production form ahead of official sales in 2015. And it’s a bit different to before, adopting a new fastback body which lends it bold new rear styling as well as better handling, thanks to its new rear wing and diffuser combination.


As a result, it looks helpfully different to an Elise or a Tesla Roadster, with a hint of the wonderfully hardcore original Exige about it now. Good job, given it’s set to cost around £80,000, a figure quickly approaching BMW i8 money.

Under the skin, a 282bhp electric motor drives the rear wheels. With a hot hatch-like weight of 1175kg, it’s enough to hustle the SP:01 to 155mph via a 3.7sec 0-60mph time.


via The world’s fastest electric car? – BBC Top Gear.

Would you consider an electric sports car like this?

By the way, if you thought this looked like a Lotus…you’d be correct, they used the base platform (frame, etc.).  Lots of heated comments on this item, some say it’s not the fastest electric car!!  Join in, let me know what you think!!

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Detroit Electric shows its year-late battery sports car

Detroit Electric giving a look at the rear end of what it considers the final version of its SP:01 battery-fueled electric sports car. The car will be somewhat similar to the Tesla Roadster no longer in production. Both are pure battery-power two
Detroit Electric Unveils Revamped SP:01

While production of the Detroit Electric car is set to fire up soon, don’t expect to see too many rolling around on American streets. The company says that it will be concentrating on establishing itself in key Asian and European markets before taking